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    Archive: April 2011

    Wedding Trends: Mix and Match Bridesmaids
    Friday April 29, 2011 No comments yet

    One wedding fad that is very much in fashion to stay is having mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses. It is the way to go for a less-formal, more bohemian look if you are having a more casual wedding; think rustic, yellow tea-length gowns in different fabrics for a farmhouse wedding. It can also be a way to get away from a cookie-cutter bridal party look, even on the more formal side. In addition to giving your special day and photos a unique look, there are other advantages to mix and match bridesmaid gowns. 

    An added bonus is that you can stick to a color palette or even a single color but find dress or separates silhouettes that work for every body type in your wedding, from petite to plus size. For instance, a busty bridesmaid may feel more comfortable in a dress with straps, while another who wants to showcase her neckline may opt for a strapless silhouette. Look at how these two gorgeous Lela Rose dresses play off of one another, in mulberry and wild berry.

    Some bridesmaid dress makers, like Alfred Angelo, offer separates where your honorable maids can choose a skirt and top that flatters their figure best, all made of the same shade of bridal satin or chiffon. As another option, brides can choose the same silhouette for bridesmaids in different colors, tied together with a common element like a sash. Take a look at how well these Bari Jay bridesmaid gowns go together, in coordinating warm tones of brick and tangerine, tied together by a floral sash that pulls the designs together; perfect for an early fall wedding. 

    If you want longer gowns, take a look at how these shades of blue and green coordinate—perfect for a beachfront wedding who wants mermaid-style maids. If you are doing a still-popular black and white themed wedding, take a walk on the wild side of fashion by mixing short black dresses with this striped zebra black and white number for your maid of honor. Similar, yet different coordinated bouquets, sashes, or clutches can help tie together the mix-and-match bridesmaid look.


    Bridesmaid Makeup Trends
    Monday April 25, 2011 1 Comment
    There are so many different looks to enhance a bridesmaid dress. You may have your bridesmaids wearing a simple, understated dress and want to keep the look classy and sophisticated. You want the makeup that your bridesmaids wear to reflect the look and feel of the dress. You’ll want the bridesmaids to look fresh-faced and classic without looking plain and boring, which can be achieved by letting the eyes become the focal point of the face. Perhaps wearing a smoky eye with a nude lip, or pairing light eye shadows and heavier mascara with a peachy lip will do the trick. In this case you want your bridesmaids to wear something that does not overpower the dress. Try out this makeup tutorial from MissChievous.

    Or maybe your bridesmaids are wearing an understated dress and you want the makeup to reflect the exact opposite. You want the makeup to scream glam and high fashion. This can be achieved by doing a bold colored lip and sparkling eye shadow with high-powered mascara or false eye lashes. 

    You can even do period makeup to fit the look of your wedding. Try old Hollywood makeup to match this dress from our collection, or you can pair a dress like this one with a 50’s face

    Think about the location, time of day, and season of your wedding to help you pair the perfect bridesmaid dress and makeup together. 

    If you are having a garden wedding think of a look that is earthy and fresh. Play with colors that compliment the dress. If the dress is gold, hues of green eye makeup would look fantastic with a neutral lip color.  

    Time of day:
    If you are having an evening wedding, you may want to opt for brighter and bolder looks for the bridesmaids; think shimmer, glitter, and smoky. Darker eyeliners and shadows will look amazing on your bridesmaids at night. 

    Let’s say your wedding is in the winter. You may want your bridal party to reflect a holiday look of shimmer white eye shadows and eyeliners with a red lip color. Or let’s say wedding is in the spring. Maybe you’ll want to have your bridal party wearing a pink lip color to reflect the spring months with just the right amount of eye makeup. 

    As long as the makeup fits the look of the bridesmaid dress and the feel of the wedding, you are free to explore the endless possibilities of looks to make your bridesmaids feel like a movie star and to make your wedding absolutely perfect. Here are a few makeup trends that are popular for 2011. See if any of these fit your wedding style. 

    70s Styling Done Easy
    Friday April 22, 2011 No comments yet
    We know you know that this spring is all about the 70s. You read it here along with every other fashion source. We’re basking in the liberated glory of the “free to be me” decade. It was such a momentous time when women’s closets housed the gamut: from maxi dresses to micro minis to hot pants and goddess gowns. Can you say options? Plenty of options! 

    Image credits: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

    After saying bye-bye to the no frills sweater sets of the 60s with the bouffant hair, and expected make up, the girls from the 70s maximized their looks for full expression. They were vibrant, sexy and fun.  With so many options to choose from, what’s a modern girl to do? No need to despair, we’re here to break it down to the basics of hair, make up and shoes. Here’s what you need to get that 70s thing on.

    Let’s start at the top. Just like the times, 70s hair was loose and flowing. A center part was essential. For a haute hippie look, get out your flat iron and straighten away. If your mane goes curly keep it soft with a little flip. Remember “The Farrah”? The perfect hair for a flirty halter dress. If you’re curly, but keeping the curls relaxed isn’t do-able, then let your frizz go free with a bohemian scarf wrapped on. Overall, your hair should either be long, big, or wild.

    The make up of the 70s was both natural and glamorous. 

    Dewy skin 
    Rosy cheeks   
    Glossy lips  
    Don’t let your lips lose their gloss! 

    For a true 70s match, coordinate your eye shadow with your outfit. If it’s turquoise on the dress, then it’s turquoise on the eyes! Don’t forget the glitter when dancing the night away.

    The must-have shoe for all things 70s is the platform. Whether it’s a clog, a wedge or a sandal, you’ll soar to new heights in these heels. When going casual with wide-leg jeans- we love the vintage chic appeal of these wedges. When taking on the night- grab your hot pants, and bring on the shine with these party-favorites. Lucite bangles, gold necklaces, and a care-not attitude will finish off the ensemble in pure 70s fashion.

    How to Create a Princess Look
    Monday April 18, 2011 No comments yet
    Every girl dreams of being a princess and living a fairytale life. We spend most of our time waiting for our prince charming to come along and sweep us off our feet. We often imagine what life would be like if our dreams were to come true, and we want to not only be treated like a princess, but look like one, too. 

    Now, you might not get the castle, but you can definitely achieve the  princess look with the right dress and the right accessories. With the appropriate tools, you’ll be on your way to the ball in no time. 

    Every princess look starts with a ball gown. Remember girls, this is 2011, so don’t be afraid to experiment with color and different styles. It is all about modernizing the look, so that you look like you belong at the prom or the Quinceanera, and not in the storybooks. 

    This bright fuchsia gown by Tiffany is fantastic. It says princess without being simple or boring. This Jovani gown will definitely get you noticed and have the boys lining up to ask you to dance. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your needs and the sparkling bodice will look incredibly flattering.  And for those of you who want to ease into the princess look, try this Faviana dress that has a similar silhouette without the full skirt.  

    So now that you have an idea what kind of dress would be fitting for a princess, you need a few accessories to help complete the look. You will definitely need the following four items to help you look spectacular: Earrings, Gloves, Clutch, and Tiara. 

    Try pairing these emerald earrings and these gloves with your dress. They will look stunning on you! A cute clutch that comes in a variety of colors will also add something special to your dress. 

    Most importantly, don’t forget your tiara! Try this one in silver or this one in gold. We’ve grown up with princesses like Cinderella, Belle, and Ariel, and now it’s time for us to take the lead and become the princesses we’ve always wanted to be.


    Chandelier Earrings at Prom
    Thursday April 14, 2011 No comments yet
    Chandelier earrings can be the perfect finishing touch to your party dress. They brighten and compliment your face, pulling your whole look together. But finding the right pair of chandelier earrings can be a challenge. Because a little bit of dangling bling goes a long, long way.

    Start by looking for a pair of chandelier earrings that doesn’t take the attention away from your dress but draws attention to your face. Pair chandelier earrings with a simple strapless gown. This combo works because the chandelier earrings aren’t competing with embellishments on the dress.  We like this pair in black for a sophisticated spin that’s sure to look dazzling! 

    Another tip is to make sure your hair is either up, swept to the side, or pulled back. You want people to see those dazzling earrings. This pair of clip-ons is absolutely gorgeous, , and we think they’re a perfect match to this yellow and purple print strapless gown.

    One-shoulder gowns also look amazing with chandelier earrings. A great trick is to play up the asymmetry of the gown. Pull your hair into a side up-do or ponytail on the strap side of the dress and wear a pair of dazzling earrings like these. The earrings will draw attention to your bare shoulder with a glamorous sparkle and shine.


    The golden rule is whichever gown you choose be sure that the earrings do not clash with your dress. The goal is to add something to your look without looking overdone and weighed down by your choice of accessories. 

    Dress & Tell Winner March 2011
    Tuesday April 12, 2011 No comments yet
    March flew by in a whirlwind of style here at Spring sprang with a fashionable bang, and we traded in our knee-high boots for clicky heels. In honor of spring and all it's brightness, we present our March 2011 Dress & Tell winner. 

    Doesn't she look great? We have to admit we're a bit partial to the dress, but the hair, the shoes, the makeup...we love it. Congrats, Juliana, we hope you enjoy your credit.

    And for everybody else, isn't it about time you entered? Buy a dress, take a picture, and share your amazing style with us for a chance to win. 

    Kim Kardashian, Style Goddess
    Monday April 11, 2011 No comments yet
    Kim Kardashian Faviana 6000

    Who isn’t a fan of Kim Kardashian? She’s a huge reality star, has many endorsements,  created her own perfume, always has the cutest boyfriends, drives around LA in a Bentley, attends the biggest fashion shows, travels all over the world, and the list goes on and on.  Her fashion sense is something girls everywhere are a huge fan of. Kim is always absolutely gorgeous, especially on the red carpet, so it’s understandable if you want to copy her style on your big night. 

    Here are some great options by Faviana so you can look Kim Kardashian-esque:

    Faviana Dress 6000 - which looks identical to the beautiful dress Kim is wearing in the photo.

    Faviana Dress 6405 - for the girls who love the gown Kim is wearing in the photo, but want it shorter to show off great legs and shoes.

    Faviana Dress 6718 - a little different take to the dress above worn by Kim, which also features a stunning back.

    Faviana Dress 6777 - An amazing gown that you know Kim Kardashian would wear to a red carpet event! 

    Other great dresses to turn you into Kim K include La Femme 16017 or Jasz Couture 4333. Both have that special kind of glamour she revels in. 

    To really complete her look, make sure you have a smoky eye—whether the colors you use are the usual black and silver, or if you decide to create the smoky eye with a different color scheme to match your dress. (Check out Kim’s green smokey eye here for an example.) Remember to pair your eye look with BIG eyelashes! The smoky eye, along with the dramatic lashes, is Kim's  makeup signature. 

    As for hair, wear it down. Kim usually wears her hair down, and the style is very chic and has a lot of appeal, no matter if it’s straight, wavy, or curly. Guys love when your hair is down, too.

    Finally, remember to also have the confidence that Kim Kardashian has . She’s proud of who she is and is comfortable in her own skin—you should be, too! 

    Disco Days are Here Again
    Friday April 08, 2011 No comments yet
    Silky smooth and sizzling hot—that’s how it went down at Studio 54! From the mysterious glow of Grace Jones to the come hither dresses of Jerry Hall, if it wasn’t completely over-the-top, it didn’t make the cut at Studio 54. Where else could birthday girl Bianca Jagger saunter in on a white stallion? 

    Image source:

    Though we weren’t able to shake it down on the dance floor with Andy Warhol, we have become mildly obsessed with the fashion precipitated by all those in attendance. Notably, we’re crushing glam squad regulars Lauren Hutton, Liza Minelli, and a very young Brooke Shields. Their outfits, always to the nines, were the perfect complement to the heart thumping grooves on the dance floor. Their only rules—be fabulous and have fun.  With this spring bringing us face to face with a full-on 70s fashion revival, we are jumping at the chance to channel our inner disco diva. Feeling the fabulous groove? Here’s what you need to turn up the volume of Studio 54 fashion. 

    The party doesn’t get going until after dark, so you’re sure to shimmer bright when outfitting metallics. Big on the 70s dance floors, and continuing to shine down spring 2011 runways, gold lamé and silver chiffon catch light like rays on the sun. And nothing reads more disco diva than a sexy halter dress in a glitzy metallic. This one by Tony Bowls is sure to get the party started right. 

    If you aren’t feeling the full throttle of head to toe metallics, then reach for a clutch. This gold purse swiftly accessorizes a silk jumpsuit like a cat ready to pounce—fierce! For a kaleidoscopic boost, step into these platform sandals by Carnival. Now whose hot to trot?

    Okay, let’s take it up a notch, and get some hot pants on—a truly modern and cheeky way to do evening attire. Choose a high-waist version for a slimmer silhouette, and tuck in a billowy blouse for evening flair. Heels are an absolute must! We’d recommend platforms to complete the 70s look. Not feeling in tip-top shape? Then slip into a pair of tights or patterned stockings for extra coverage. Since it’s all about the celebration—make sure you’re ready to hustle.

    Fergie: The Pop Princess
    Monday April 04, 2011 No comments yet
    Image source:

    Fergie is one of our favorite celebrities. She always shows such strength and confidence, both onstage and on the red carpet. After all, she holds her own as the only woman in a group of guys, and she worked it out on her own when she branched out to pursue a solo career, making hits that made you want to get up and dance. What makes us love her even more is her impeccable style.  She always looks flawless and comfortable in her own skin. 

    Fergie looked lovely in a lavender Elie Saab gown at the 2010 Golden Globes. Faviana makes a strikingly similar gown that we’re sure you’ll look amazing in.

    She always makes the right choice when stepping onto the red carpet. She looked stunning when she wore a sexy Pucci gown at the 2010 Grammys. This dress will accentuated all of her assets, made her look like the diva she is, and caused jaws to drop and heads to turn as she sauntered down the velvet ropes. You can get one similar to Fergie’s by Sherri Hill in black with a silver sash. 

    Fergie is not afraid to experiment with color in this simple yet beautiful strapless yellow Calvin Klein gown. This spring you should give this color a try as it looks great on all skin tones and really makes you stand out in a crowd. Give this strapless yellow gown by Terani a try.

    Fergie’s style has evolved over the years, and she is now a bona fide style icon. She makes each of her looks her own and looks amazing in every dress that she puts on. Fergie is the definition of cool with her attitude and talent. She’s a major trendsetter that we’ll all be looking to for inspiration from season to season, on and off the red carpet.


    Spring Makeup Trends
    Friday April 01, 2011 No comments yet
    The beauty of this spring’s makeup trends is that there is a look to suit everyone. Universally flattering for every eye color, purple shadow continues making a comeback, with gorgeous new shades from prestige brands including Nars down to Revlon at your local drugstore. Purple shades of liner, shadow, or mascara (or all three) can add drama or rocker edge to little black dresses at night, or give a white gown an exotic, orchid-like tropical flair. 

    Image source:

    Eyeliner, especially black and colored liquid liners, have been upstaging false lashes and loads of mascara as the dramatic eye statement of choice. For day, a thin line in dark brown or black is classic, but for night, anything goes, with dramatic cat eye shapes that go beyond the natural outline of the eye. For lips, bright shades of vermillion, orange-red, and bright coral make a statement against a natural fresh face with a light dusting of bronzer. 

    Orange tones are definitely the new red for spring 2011. Shove the baby pink lipgloss aside for a dramatic fuschia or bright pink lipstick; a womanly statement with full-on lipstick versus a light gloss is the way to go, especially for evening. 


    Stars like tattoo artist and reality star Kat Von D, who has a line at Sephora, are making loads of dramatic makeup, pin-up style, in style, even in sunny Los Angeles. 

    In addition to bronzers, which are big for spring as well as summer, blush is ranging from natural creamy tones in rosy shades that compliment bolder lips to peachy colors that work well with orange-toned lip shades. 

    So how do these looks match up to your wardrobe? An orange or orange-red lipstick shade would look fresh and fashion-forward with this white Jovani column dress at a formal event versus a dark or red lip, or a gloss that might look washed out. Meanwhile, imagine how a swipe of bold purple liquid liner would liven up this sequined minidress from Issue NY

    While these are fantastic looks for night, for day, try one of the taupe or green metallic shadows seen on the runways with a khaki shirtwaist or ecru shift dress. And remember: if all this color overwhelms you, or you are wearing one of spring’s vivid print dresses, you can always rely on basic black liner, mascara, and clear lip balm or gloss.

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