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    Archive: May 2011

    Animal Prints, Down the Runway & Into Your Closet
    Friday May 27, 2011 No comments yet
    Looking to get wild with your wardrobe this season? Then animal prints are a must-do. The always exotic and glamorous statement lends a bit of va va voom to all ensembles. From sexy starlets to fiery fashionistas, leopard, cheetah, zebra and snakeskin prints have prowled their way front and center of the fash-pack. 

    animal print dress

    The leopard and cheetah have declared a feline moment in fashion. Causing quite a stir on the S/S 11 catwalks of Blumarine, Cavalli and Givenchy, the spotted print unleashes sex appeal like no other. Nicky Hilton and Jaime King played their wild card at a French Connection party where the two were spotted in the same purr-fectly printed mini dress. We’re rooting for Team Hilton on this one with her smart cinch of a black leather belt and pointy heels. She shows the power of select styling to bump up a look from wow to the cat's meow.

    If the leopard and cheetah are kings of the fashion jungle, then the zebra reins queen. The classic black and white is injected with a dose of playful color this season by Louis Vuitton. When choosing zebra print make sure it’s a modern design, or vintage done right. If the stripes are stretched in spandex, it’s a no-go. Eighties head-bangers we are not. Keep it flowy like Mr. Vuitton and choose this gown by La Femme. Can you say fierce and fabulous?

    Snakeskin prints are also slithering their way onto the scene. While we see the lure of a floor sweeping gown, we are rattled with joy to see snakeskin as an accent. Think belts, shoes and scarves to rock an outfit to success. These pumps by Jovani will get you started.  

    Welcoming animal prints into your closet should be a no-brainer. Treat them as the new neutral by sliding them right next to your basic blacks and browns. A black blazer and black wide-leg trousers effortlessly anchor an animal print blouse.

    Here are a few more tips:

    Don’t be afraid to mix your prints. Stripes, florals or even plaid work wonders with animal prints as shown by Cupcakes And Cashmere’s Emily Schuman

    Leopard and safari green are a match made in heaven. Add red hot heels for extra temptation.

    Gold chains and long pendants dangle delightfully with the wild patterns.

    Lastly, animal prints aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they are everywhere. The runway trend stays relevant through the times – meaning your animal print purchase is a timeless classic, well worth the investment.


    Delightfully Cate
    Monday May 23, 2011 No comments yet
    Once again all eyes are on the lovely Cate Blanchett. The Oscar winning actress has wowed us for years with her bold performances both on screen and off. Now she’s back at it with a new movie and cover shoot to boot. 

    Cate Blanchett
    Image source: T Magazine

    On the cover of  T Magazine, Cate exudes pure fun. She streams bed-head chic with high-end fashion in an easy breezy editorial for the Summer Fashion and Beauty issue. And what about that smile?

    Cate’s chameleonic style breeds an edgy elegance that’s earned praise from A-listers Jennifer Aniston and Leighton Meester as well as Giorgio Armani, who designed several of her amazing red carpet looks. He’s also the man behind those sharp suits in Hanna, her latest film.

    In fashion, the Australian beauty brings on sophistication with high style gliding effortlessly from couture darling to menswear chic to maternity glam. With such an aptitude for adventure it becomes all too clear that Cate doesn’t play by the rules. She steps into fashion with the same vitality she brings to an acting role. And it’s this love and commitment that makes her a real iconoclast in the fashion game.

    Of all the elaborate designs, we notice Cate always comes back to an asymmetrical neckline. Both her 2005 and 2007 Oscar gowns looped over a shoulder with jewel encrusted accents. In '05 she won the award, and dazzled us all in a rolling, pale yellow number. Though she didn’t bring home the Oscar in '07, she did rank high on the best dressed lists with a shimmering, body hugging column gown. You too can do the Cate with this draped Jovani, or this curve-hugging Terani

    Love it or hate it, you definitely spoke about it—the Givenchy haute couture Oscar gown. To some it didn't translate from runway to red carpet, but it was exactly what we'd expect from Cate—the unexpected. Once quoted as saying, “ you can't please everyone, but hopefully you'll surprise people,” Cate understands her role in fashion. She gets the art of it, and sees the red carpet as a prime spot to showcase such beauty.  

    Bring on the Minis
    Wednesday May 18, 2011 No comments yet
    Summer will be here once again, and when it comes to style, it’s all about wearing gorgeous mini dresses. They are perfect for the warm weather, and with the right accessories, they can be worn just about anywhere. 

    Memorial Day is right around the corner, and this gorgeous dress by La Femme would be perfect to wear to any outing to kick off the start of summer! It’s a great dress to jazz up. Add a sparkly necklace, along with some dangling earrings, and a bracelet for a glamorous effect. You can even add an anklet for even more pizzazz. 
    Just picture yourself going to a beach party with this outfit, pretty makeup, your hair down, sunglasses on, and a cute clutch.

    This dress is absolutely chic and amazing because anyone would look good in it, especially a girl who’s shorter because it shows more leg, making her look taller. Pair the whole ensemble with some low or high heels, and you’ll be set to go.

    This dress is great for a bbq, a weekend in the Hamptons, or when you’re on a romantic summer date. Like the model, pair it with a few big bracelets and some dangling earrings. She kept it simple for a sweet and fun look, which is an excellent look to have in the summer time. The dress sizzles because it’s a mini, has a beautiful pattern, and is just, well, glitzy!

    For shoes, you can pretty much do anything. Jeweled flip-flops, low heels, or high heels will all look good with this dress. Change shoes depending on where you’re going, and you’ll be able to dress the outfit up or down, making it a dress for many summer occasions. 

    Here is another cute mini dress that’s an excellent choice for any summer event—whether it’s going to a party, hanging out at the beach house, or touring on vacation. Wear it with some flirty bracelets and matching earrings. Once again, you can pair the dress with a wide array of shoe options, depending on where you’re going. 

    Some cute hair options include a side ponytail with curls, half up/half down style, or loose, flowing waves. 

    We Love Lavender
    Monday May 16, 2011 No comments yet
    lavender on the runway

    Let purple reign: lavender is back in fashion from head to toe this season. Cosmetics companies from Make Up Forever to Aveda are selling shadows and liners featuring this eye-catching color, which flatters brown, blue, green, and hazel eye colors alike. Nail polishes from Opi, Essie, and others are also on the trend, including a shade from Opi’s new Texas collection for 2011 called “It’s Totally Fort Worth It”—a lavender gray that capitalizes on both the lavender and gray nail polish trends. Footwear is also following suit, including faux snakeskin pumps in the shade from makers including Diane Von Furstenberg. Even lavender colored stones in jewelry are in style once again—even trendsetting Vogue editor Anna Wintour can be seen sporting one of her custom-made gemstone necklaces in the shade on a regular basis. 

    While the luscious shade certainly livens things up as an accessory, even fans of the color might wonder how to wear it in a dress without looking like a pageant queen. The solution lies in choosing one lavender accent or statement piece and then keeping the rest of the palette neutral. Take this sexy short number by Baccio the silhouette is racy and the lavender adds an innocent yet flirty touch. Pair it with black or pewter heels or booties and some black crystal jewelry, and you will have an edgy, more fashion-forward look on your hands. Be advised: skip the matching lavender eye shadow or lip gloss when wearing a lavender gown; looking too matchy-matchy is very 1991—too 10 years ago. Instead, go for a smoky black linker or sophisticated cat’s eye look with a dark liquid liner. Blondes in particular should go for a strong eye as not to look washed out. 

    For a completely different take on lavender, check out this prom-worthy long satin design courtesy of La Femme. It will help you stand out among the red, white, and black gowns dominating the dance floor with a retro look. Pair it with soft side-swept waves, a simple rhinestone hair comb, and a pair of silver shoes. Lavender is also a good choice for a spring or summer wedding for the bridal party, as the color is almost universally flattering. Traditionally, however, a lavender bridal gown was reserved in olden times for a bride that was not pure enough to wear white; while times have changed, it could either be a color for the bride-to-be to avoid, or to wittily hint at in her bouquet to allude to the fact she has been living with her groom-to-be for years before tying the knot.

    Dress & Tell Winner April 2011
    Friday May 13, 2011 1 Comment
    Spring is here and you know what that means...PROM! The April Dress & Tell winner, Ivana, is wearing her very special prom dress.  She looks fabulous, too. We love her updo and her red hair is wonderfully on-trend. The colorful print demands attention and the beaded straps are a fun, dainty detail that give her even more sparkle. This is what she had to say:

    This is my awesome prom dress. I wanted to wear something unique and beautiful, and when I saw this dress, I fell in love with it. All of my friends loved it, and everyone was telling me how amazing it is. I loved the colors, the design, everything. Thank you NewYorkDress for making the most important night of my life perfect!

    Thanks for sharing your prom dress with us! And don't forget to submit your Dress & Tell entries for next month.


    Non-Print Prints
    Monday May 09, 2011 No comments yet
    non-print dress

    Those who lived through the fashion perils of the 80s and 90s may have a downright phobia of prints. But after a decade of solids dominating the runways and fashion magazines, “non-print” prints are making a solid comeback. Target was one of the first to jump on the trend with a licensed line of Liberty of London prints from the famous UK retailer’s extensive catalog of prints, which were the hippest floral patterns on the market back in the 1960s. J.Crew has followed suit this season with a similarly licensed line of Liberty of London patterned swimwear in its current catalogs. Leopard has been making a roaring comeback this year across apparel and accessories, driven by hot, high-style items like Prada’s haircalf leopard-print handbags. The rise of patterns in accessories is moving into apparel this season. Still, non-print prints are often the way to go when it comes to a patterned dress. 

    What is a non-print print? Think of a fabric that is dip dyed in the style of Prada patent leather bags from a few seasons back with a ombre print, or a tie-dye pattern as seen from designers including Michael Kors. Ethnic, batik-style block prints are also ones to watch this season—pop into your local Banana Republic and you will see runway influences interpreted in a series of block-dyed scarves. This tropical ombre-print dress is sure to wow on your Hawaiian honeymoon or at a local bbq. 

    When it comes to wearing these types of prints in a dress it is essential to follow the rules. Generally, smaller prints flatter petite women, and the taller you are, the bigger and bolder a print you can wear. Same goes for a slender, small-framed woman versus a plus-size beauty; stick with a print that flatters you first and foremost. 

    Next, keep the color palette in mind; if mustard yellow is not a good color for you as a solid, you can bet that a print featuring the color is not a wise purchase decision. Some ombre prints work figure-enhancing magic, with lighter colors at areas you want to emphasize, darker areas over areas like the hips that you want to draw the eye away from. 

    Unless you’re model thin, you might not want to wear horizontal stripes. Still the same way zebra stripes and leopard spots work to camouflage animals in the wild can help camouflage figure flaws, while lending a sexy touch to otherwise staid designs. This Tony Bowls design is sure to bring out the animal in your admirers.


    Here She Comes, The Mother Of The Bride
    Monday May 02, 2011 1 Comment
    It’s official. We’ve been completely swept away by the Royal Wedding. Our day-to-day affairs are on constant pause to indulge in the modern fairy tale otherwise known as real life for Kate Middleton and Prince William. We were totally enamored by the true love that radiated from the newlyweds. But now we’d like to take a moment for Carole Middleton, simply gorgeous, as she watched her daughter transform into a princess. 

    Carole Middleton MOB dress
    Image source:

    Carole Middleton is perfect for her role as MOB. Recognizing the importance of her dress, she exhibited royal behavior just prior to the big day. A dispute with couturier Lindka Cierach led to a change in designers, and resulted in the sky blue silk day dress by Catherine Walker, a favorite designer of Princess Diana. Her decision to make the last minute switch brought her right on par for a Royal Wedding. The sky blue matched her skin tone, and the entire ensemble exuded poise and elegance. Oh, let us not forget the hat; it wouldn’t be a Royal Wedding without the fancy hats! Mrs. Middleton went with a wide brim variation that read first class all the way.

    No Royal Wedding on the calendar? Us either. But that doesn’t belittle the fact that baby girl is getting married! As MOB, you must support and complement your daughter, and look fabulous the entire time! There will be plenty of eyes on you that day. There’s the walk down the aisle, perhaps you’re standing on the altar, and don’t forget the thousands of pictures that will circulate forever. MOBs need to look their best, and feel even better. 

    As MOB, you do need to keep a few things in mind when selecting your dress. First, is color. At the Royal Wedding, Queen Elizabeth wore yellow clearly declaring her supremacy over the family. The rest of the women wore neutrals as not to compete. Do consider what the wedding party is wearing. And definitely consult with the bride for her suggestions. If the bridal party is wearing lilac you could choose a deeper shade of plum such as this tulip tiered gown by Jovani. If purple doesn’t flatter your skin tone then go with something more neutral, such as this Daymor mini-dress.

    Next you’ll need to consider what time the wedding will take place. If it’s an evening event, you’re going to have to take it up a notch in opulence. We love the understated elegance of this mother of the bride dress . It’s ripe for bold sparkly jewels!

    If it’s an afternoon affair, no need to sacrifice high style. Choose a chic suit or a smart knee length dress. Either way, you’re playing the role of MOB with sheer sophistication as you walk the aisle with grace.

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