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    Archive: February 2012

    Madison just won a free dress!
    Wednesday February 29, 2012 No comments yet

    Congratulations on winning your NYD dress Madison!  You look beautiful in it! 

    Oscars 2012

    Madison’s mother wrote: 
    When Madison received the dress, she said "I love it. It's better than I thought!"   Then… she saw the Golden Ticket… and while jumping up and down told me "Mom, it's like Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!"

    This dress was worn to her very first middle school formal.  This was an extra special night and the dress was absolutely perfect.  Thank you New York Dress for providing such a quality dress.  We had looked at several places before we ordered from you and the quality of your dress was 100 times better than anything we found locally!

    Read more about the contest: Golden Ticket.


    Match Maker: Oscars 2012 Part II!
    Tuesday February 28, 2012 No comments yet

    Part two of our Oscars 2012 roundup is here! Check out the fabulous matches to Viola Davis, Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz’s styles!

    Oscars 2012

    Style Inspiration: Viola Davis. Our Match: Jovani 9335. $750.00

    Style Inspiration: Sandra Bullock. Our Match: Terani 11262J. $440.00

    Style Inspiration: Cameron Diaz. Our Match: Mignon VM443. $508.00


    Golden Ticket Winner: Golzar 2.28.12
    Tuesday February 28, 2012 No comments yet

    Congratulations on winning your NYD dress Golzar!  

    You look beautiful in it!

    Golden Ticket Winner

    Golzar wrote:

    Golzar wrote: “This was such a surprise! I literally stared at the Golden Ticket for a few minutes speechless, then had to show it to my husband to re-read. "Yup… it's really free", he confirmed, with a big smile. Honestly, I've never heard of any company doing something like this. Thank you!!!! I brought this dress to wear to my best friend's gallery opening. The night was amazing because of all the great art and… all of the complements I received on this dress! Thank you NYD for helping to perfect my night!”

    View Dress: Scala 47303.

    Read more about the contest: Golden Ticket.

    ___________________________ is giving away a FREE DRESS everyday! Today's winner is Gabby. Congratulations! Free dress, fashion contest, dress giveaway, designer contest

    Match Maker: Oscars 2012!
    Monday February 27, 2012 No comments yet

    The Oscars ceremony took place this weekend and we were glued to our screens anticipating the fabulous fashion that was expected on the red carpet. Our match maker found some dresses to pair up with Rose Byrne, Mila Jovovich and Stacy Kiebler. Check them out below!

    Oscars 2012

    Style Inspiration: Rose Byrne. Our Match: Gigi 17483. $458.00

    Style Inspiration: Mila Jovovich. Our Match: Tadashi 3E216L. $378.00

    Style Inspiration: Stacy Kiebler. Our Match: Tadashi VG105LX. $378.00


    Match Maker: NAACP Image Awards 2012!
    Monday February 20, 2012 No comments yet

    The NAACP Image Awards 2012 went down this weekend and our match maker found some styles on our website similar to Jennifer Hudson’s and Meagan Good’s. Both are beautiful!

    NAACP Image Awards 2012

    Style Inspiration: Jennifer Hudson. Our Match: La Femme 17160. $358.00

    Style Inspiration: Meagan Good Our Match: Morrell Maxie 13636. $358.00


    Congratualtions to our Facebook Fans of the Week 2-17-2012
    Friday February 17, 2012 No comments yet

    Congratulations Bassma, Christina and Lauren! 

    They’ve won Facebook Fan of the Week for their continuous participation and interaction with us on our page! Their prize is 100 NewYorkDress Dollars which they can apply to a purchase or pick a dress of that same value! If you’d like to join us on Facebook, please follow this link.

    Fans of the Week

    Enjoy, ladies!


    Match Maker: Mac Duggal on the Red Carpet!
    Friday February 17, 2012 No comments yet

    Celebrities seem to love this Mac Duggal dress! Nashville pageant beauty queen Allison Demarcus is the most recent star caught wearing this fabulous sparkling piece. We had previously seen R&B singer Melanie Fiona in it as well. What a beaute!

    Mac Duggal Dress 1135D

    Mac Duggal 1135D. $1,1198.00


    Match Maker: Grammy's Part II
    Thursday February 16, 2012 No comments yet

    In this second part of our red carpet round-up of the Grammy's 2012, we bring you the lovely Kelly Osbourne and Miranda Lambert who delighted us with these sparkling gown choices. Our Match Maker, as always, found nearly perfect matches!

    Our Match: Scala Q1033. $278.00

    Our Match: La Femme 17471. $778.00

    Grammy’s 2012

    Which dress is your favorite? 


    Match Maker: The New York Fashion Week Trend!
    Wednesday February 15, 2012 No comments yet

    Our Match Maker absolutely loves black and sheer designs! In fact, he's been spotted wearing that trend around the NewYorkDress office a few times! It's no surprise that he's been looking out for it at NYFW and here are his fabulous matches!

    NY Fashion Week 2012

    Tadashi FY797M. $298.00

    Jovani 5419. $540.00

    Mignon VM659. $338.00

    Issue NY 03051. $318.00


    Match Maker: The Lovely Princess Diana is Timeless!
    Tuesday February 14, 2012 No comments yet

    Today’s Timeless Tuesday Match Maker is dedicated to the lovely late Princess Diana who showed grace, style and most of all, kindness, when she was still with us. Her style was always sophisticated and elegant – and that’s why its timeless and will be admired for many years to come.  

    Princess Diana

    We matched Diana’s black dress with


    Match Maker: Grammy's Part I!
    Monday February 13, 2012 No comments yet

    The 2012 Grammy Awards ceremony took place last night and our Match Maker was tuned in and ready to spot the hottest looks! On this first round of matches, we bring you Rihanna and Carrie Underwood.

    Our Match: Nicole Bakti 6475. $390.00

    Our Match: Sherri Hill 2824. $750.00

    Grammy’s 2012

    Who was best dressed for this event? 


    Match Maker: Celebs in Red at Fashion Week!
    Friday February 10, 2012 No comments yet

    Fashion Week is already in full effect here in NYC! Celebs wore the color of love and passion to walk the runway for the Heart Truth Red Dress collection! Our match maker found these fabulous matches…can you believe how well he paired them up?!

    Hearts Truth Red Dress Collection

    Style Inspiration: Audrina Patridge. Our Match: La Femme 17081. $350.00

    Style Inspiration: Garcelle Beauvais. Our Match: Allure A439. $578.00

    Style Inspiration: Eve. Our Match: Jovani 9126. $440.00


    Congratulations to our Facebook Fans of the Week 2-10-2012
    Friday February 10, 2012 No comments yet

    Congratulations Lisa, Ghadeer and Anna! 

    They’ve won Facebook Fan of the Week for their continuous participation and interaction with us on our page! Their prize is 100 NewYorkDress Dollars which they can apply to a purchase or pick a dress of that same value! If you’d like to join us on Facebook, please follow this link.

    Fans of the Week

    Enjoy, ladies!


    Match Maker: Beyonce Wears Monique Lhullier, Looks Fabulous!
    Thursday February 09, 2012 No comments yet

    Just weeks after giving birth to her first child, singing diva Beyonce has been spotted out and about in public looking fabulous! She wore a sparkling black/nude Monique Lhullier cocktail-length dress with simple strappy sandals. Hot mama!

    Of course, our match maker went on a mission to pair this dress up with our own and he not not one, but THREE matches for us yet again! This time, they are all by Jovani.


    Our Matches: 

    Jovani 9448. $640.00

    Jovani 9504. $850.00

    Jovani 171300. $790.00


    Match Maker: Eva Mendes on Cover of Marie Claire Magazine!
    Wednesday February 08, 2012 No comments yet

    Style Inspiration: Eva Mendes on Marie Claire March ’12 Cover! 

    Actress Eva Mendes is the cover girl for the March issue of Marie Claire magazine and as always, she looks gorgeous! Our match maker was immediately drawn to the Dolce & Gabbana piece she is wearing and was reminded of our designer Sherri Hill. Today, the match maker brings us three styles that look very similar but each have a unique touch!

    Eva Mendes

    Our Matches: 

    Match Maker: Style Matches to Herve Leger!
    Monday February 06, 2012 No comments yet

    Our match maker found styles similar to the Herve Leger styles celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Marisa Miller and Kristen Stewart have been spotted in!

    Screen Actor’s Guild Awards

    Style Inspiration: Viola Davis. Our Match: Tadashi OM723MO. $298.00

    Style Inspiration: Marisa Miller Our Match: Sherri Hill 2762. $298.00

    Style Inspiration: Kristen Stewart. Our Match: Alyce Designs 4168. $318.00


    Valentine's Day Dress Picks for 2012!
    Monday February 06, 2012 No comments yet

    The day to celebrate love and friendship is almost among us, Fashionistas! That’s right, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. We’ve put together three pieces that we think would be fabulous for that day whether you’re out on a date with your sweetheart, family or friends!

    Valentine’s Day Picks

    First Pick: Alyce Designs 2114AD. 298.00

    Second Pick: Sherri Hill 2765SH. $298.00

    Third Pick: La Femme 17156. $498.00


    Congratulations to our Facebook Fans of the Week 2-3-2012
    Monday February 06, 2012 No comments yet

    Congratulations Alyssa, Christina and Sammi! 

    They’ve won Facebook Fan of the Week for their continuous participation and interaction with us on our page! Their prize is 100 NewYorkDress Dollars which they can apply to a purchase or pick a dress of that same value! 

    If you’d like to join us on Facebook to join in on the fun and for a chance to win this week, please follow this link.

    Fans of the Week

    Enjoy your prize!


    Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look at Prom Registry 2012 Video!
    Thursday February 02, 2012 4 Comments

    Monday January 27th, 2012

    I'm here in the NYD studio looking over the dresses, accessories, and make-up from last night’s video shoot. We shot on Wall St, in Manhattan and finished around 1:00 am. Celebratory cocktails were of course in order. Now, as I place red lipstick back into Nashlly's (model) make-up case, it reminds me of the sultry vixen character she played, as well as the mark it left on her glass.

    There were two main characters for this shoot. My styling choices were (as they always should be) meant to enhance the characters of our story. For this concept I chose super glam, nude dresses, with a ton of embellishments (BG Haute E01017). I wanted the accessories to compliment the looks and not detract from the beauty of the dresses.

    When I created the story for look one, I was thinking of a girl who loves big bold statement pieces. I started the story with this amazing pop of color, the bright coral bag. Knowing that the dress itself is a statement, I decided to keep the rest of the jewelry and the shoes monotone, with clear stones, just for sparkle.

    LOOK ONE - Bag: Jessica McClintock VA5097A (Coral), Earrings: WF Collection 291 (Silver), Bracelet: Jason J1200 (Gold), Shoes: Allure "Shimmer" (Gold) // LOOK TWO - Earrings: Jason KKE099 (Multi), Bracelet: Jason DB1269 (Multi), Bangle: WF Collection CT115 (Fuschia), Shoes: Alisha Hill S1145

    I approached the second story from the opposite point of view, by getting the pop color from jewelry. The shoes continue the nude feel but shine in multiple iridescent colors, from there I went on to choose jewel tone chandeliers, a delicate colorful bracelet, and a statement bangle that really catches your eye, but doesn't distract. Keeping the clutch simple let the colorful jewelry take center stage, spicing up the look without making too daring a choice.

    I'm already preparing for tomorrow's exclusive studio shoot and I can't wait to give you another look from behind the scenes. Stay tuned!

    And be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!



    Prom Registry 2012
    Thursday February 02, 2012 4 Comments

    It's yours, but is it only YOURS? 

    This NYD original video captures two beautiful girls as they get ready to make their grand entrance at the prom. Just as they enter however, they realize that they have bought the SAME super glam dress! ( BG Haute E01017 )

    Two avoid such a disastrous moment, has created a free Prom Registry. It is a service where high school girls can register their prom dresses (anonymously if desired)—even if they did not purchase them through For added fun, girls can see what others are wearing to prom and get fashion advice from our online stylists.


    January's Dress and Tell winner!
    Thursday February 02, 2012 2 Comments

    Congratulations Argyriela!!! 

    dress and tell winner

    Congratulations Argyriela!!! You just won this month's Dress and Tell contest and 500 NewYorkDress dollars! Please let us all know which dress you pick as your prize! Thanks for submitting your beautiful photo to our Dress and Tell contest! 


    Match Maker: Diane Kruger at Met Gala in 2011
    Wednesday February 01, 2012 No comments yet

    Actress Diane Kruger created a buzz on the red carpet of 2011’s Met Gala with her stunning dress designed by Jason Wu. Our match maker was inspired and found this equally gorgeous design by Claudine for Alyce style 2041! The bodice is amazingly decked out with beaded embellishments and the silky flowing full-length skirt finishes off the glamorous look. This gown is an affordable $498.00!

    Diane Kruger at Met Gala

    Gorgeous, isn’t it? 

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