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    Stay on Track Check out our New Arrivals
    Wednesday June 21, 2017 Post a comment
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    Stay on track! Check out our New Arrivals!

    Are you always looking for the newest styles? Well we've got you covered! Our New

    page is updated daily! Yasss! We are constantly adding the newest dresses, so

    you can keep an eye on your favorite designers!

    From Jovani, Sherri Hill, La Femme to recently added designers like Marsoni- Stay on

    top of the latest trends, and new fashion by visiting our New Arrivals section. You won't

    be dissapointed!

    Check some of our New Arrivals fave's below and visit the New Arrivals for more!

    Wedding Month June
    Thursday June 01, 2017 Post a comment
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    Wedding Month June!

    It is June 1st or as we are calling it Wedding Month June! What is it about June that

    makes it one of the most popular month for Weddings? Is it the nice warm weather?

    perfect for outside weddings. Perhaps is because we can officially wear white now?

    According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, "June is still the most popular month to tie the

    knot- which may be because of the Goddess Juno- who was the protector of women in

    all aspects of life, but especially in marriage and childbearing." In 2016 132,7222

    weddings took place during the month of June!

    Weddings are one of the most special day in person's life. Making the dress for the

    occasion, one of the biggest decisions for the Bride to be. You want to look

    unforgettable, and shine on your very special day. We've got you covered! We have

    picked some of our favorite, and most remarkable Wedding Dresses that we hope will

    take your breath away.

    We hope you will say Yes, to the dress!

    On Trend Jumpsuits
    Thursday May 25, 2017 Post a comment
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    On trend: Jumpsuits

    We love dresses, but sometimes we are just looking for something different.

    Jumpsuits to the rescue! They are easy, and comfortable to wear.. All you need to do is

    add a few accessories, a bag and some fab shoes!

    We feel Jumpsuits are a trend, that is here to stay. They are no longer just for street

    casual wear. They have evolved into evening wear totally appropriate for a black tie or

    formal affair, any special occasion event, prom and even graduation.

    We have featured below an array of jumpsuits, suitable for all your special occasions.

    Let us know what you think about jumpsuits?

    Friday July 29, 2016 1 Comment
    title image

    SOYOU X NewYorkDress

    Here at NewYorkDress we take style seriously! So we've teamed up with SOYOU to

    bring our fabulous fans free fashion advice! It's super simple, just sign up for the

    SOYOU service, fill out a style survey, and Voila free styling options each week tailored

    exclusively to you! Based on your profile they'll show you Evening Dresses, Cocktail

    Dresses, Prom Dresses...Whatever you like! We're loving all the amazing accessory

    offerings and adore how the service creates looks that fit my style.

    What are you waiting for?

    Go Sign up!

    5 Amazing Makeup Tips
    Tuesday August 25, 2015 1 Comment
    title image

    5 Amazing Makeup Tips

    To help you look amazing on your big night out!

    Makeup can be a tricky monster to perfect, especially on a special occasion. These 5

    simple tricks, will help you master your makeup and feel your best on your next big night


    1. The Dot Method

    Ever tried to wing your eyeliner and end up with asymetrical wings? We all have, but

    with this simple trick you can easily make both eyes the same. Here's how: Apply eye

    liner to the lid as usual on both eyes stopping at the outer corner. When you're ready to

    do your wing, just simply make a dot on both sides where you want the wing to end.

    Connect the dot to your already completed liner at the outer corner and your done. If you

    need to perfect the line, my recommendation is to take a q-tip with a little eye makeup

    remover on it and clean up the line. Dab the eye with a cotton ball to remove any makeup

    remover left over and you're done!

    2. Fixative

    There are a ton of makeup fixing sprays on the market, but by far the most cost effective

    is by Evian. You can get the 5 ox bottle for about $10, so it's really the best bet. Spritz

    your face before you start applying foundation for a healthy glow. Spritz again when

    makeup is complete and this spray will help your makeup stay on longer, without drying!

    It's also just amazingly refreshing!

    3. The Cupids Bow

    Want the appearance of fuller lips? Well this trick will have your pout on point! After

    lipstick or gloss has been applied to the lips take a small amout of any shimmery skin

    toned eyeshadow (1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin) and apply to the cupids bow. You

    can use a brush, your finger, or... finally a use for those small sponge appliquators that

    come with your eyeshadows. The added highlight adds the appearance of fullness to the

    lips, and you can't beat that!

    4. Soft Perfect Brows

    Ever wonder what that thing was good for? Well we have 2 uses that will make this

    inexpensive brow brush your best friend! Brows are important, they frame your face and

    when they're perfectly accentuated seem to complete a makeup look. But there is nothing

    worse than hard, dark, obviously drawn on brows and with this trick your brows will

    always be soft and perfect. The trick is to pencil your brows with a pencil 2 shades lighter

    than your hair color (or a soft cold taupe if you're extremely blond). Once you're done

    use the soft bristly end of this tool and work out the product. Brush the hairs back and

    forth through the brow and up and down at the very front near your nose. Brows, check!

    5. Unclumped Lashes

    Do you want this look without any clumps and no falsies? It's easy with any mascara and

    a brow brush. The small comb side of the brush is made to separate lashes, but have you

    ever applied mascara and tried to use the tool to unclump them? It's a huge mess! The

    trick is to use the tool to apply the mascara, not to fix it! Take your fave mascara and run

    the brush over the comb side of the tool. Once it has product on it comb through your

    lashes. Repeat a few times and you will have perfectly separated and elongated lashes. I

    bet you never thought a brow brush would be so handy!

    Our Favorite Prints for Fall
    Tuesday August 18, 2015 1 Comment
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    Our Favorite Prints for Fall

    A friend once told me "Prints are personal!" And she was right, everyone has their own

    personal opinions on what they like and what they don't. Now that fall is around the

    corner, for some reason, we're having an affinity for prints. Our favorites are brocade,

    polka dots, and florals. In this post I'll show you some of my favorites of each. Enjoy, and

    have a "printastic" season!



    Polka Dots

    Beauty Trends From The Met Gala!
    Wednesday May 20, 2015 Post a comment
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    Beauty Trends From The Met Gala!

    Although accessories are a whole other department, we decided to

    feature a few in our list of fabulous beauty trends. Some ladies

    went all out at this year's Met Gala. The head pieces were a standout

    hit. Many stars opted for a subtle lip paired with dramatic eye

    shadow. This strong smokey eye is on-point for such a glam event.

    Other celebs created a retro cat-eye to pair with shimmering silver.

    One of our favorite trends is the beautiful, vampy lip on stars like

    Adriana Lima and Emily Blunt. This is a trend you see frequently in

    fall so it takes a spring ensemble to a new and bold level.

    Dramatic Eye-Shadow


    Vampy Lips

    The Curvy Fashionista Features Mori Lee
    Monday April 27, 2015 1 Comment
    title image

    The Curvy Fashionista Features Mori Lee

    The Curvy Fashionista, created by Marie Denee, gives girls a

    one-stop destination for plus-size fashion, news and events. Denee

    teaches women to be "curvy, confident and chic" with her amazing site.

    We're excited to see her feature our favorite plus-size wedding gowns

    by designer Mori Lee. She features the "Julietta" line and quotes the

    Mori Lee ideals: "We know that, when we create a dress, we’re not just

    making something to wear. We’re making magic.
    ” Denee reiterates the

    brand's commitment to "making gorgeous wedding dresses every

    woman can feel special in.
    " On her blog, she describes the gowns as

    whimsical and decadent. We couldn't agree more! Shop her favorite

    styles by clicking the photos below.

    Wedding Dress Shapes
    Monday April 20, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Wedding Dress Shapes

    Picking a wedding gown can be daunting. There are so many styles!

    Where do you even begin? Our advice is starting with the silhouette.

    Figure out what flatters your figure and makes you feel like royalty

    on your special day. June Letter Studio created an illustrated guide

    to aide you in your search. Use this guide to figure out your favorite

    dress shape and that should help narrow your choices. We paired the

    shapes with some seriously covetable styles from some of our

    best wedding designers!

    Ashley Lauren's Satin Tips
    Friday April 03, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Ashley Lauren's Satin Tips

    Last year, some of our favorite fashion pointers came from

    designer Ashley Lauren. She taught her faithful fashionistas the

    right way to care for satin fabric. Much of our image is preparation

    for a glamorous event, but what happens when the event is over?

    After a night on the town, what's a girl to do about smudged makeup

    and sad wrinkles on a beautiful satin dress? Our designer shared

    secrets through social media and we want to share them with you!

    1. Do we steam or do we iron? Ashley Lauren says that ironing is

    the quickest way to get wrinkles out of satin. It doesn't stretch

    the fabric which guarantees long-time wear. Solid advice indeed!

    2. Don't panic if you get makeup on your dress. This designer says

    to fold the satin on itself and rub together. Rubbing satin on satin

    should do the trick.

    3. If a small stain appears, hand-wash with mild detergent. Gently

    rub the spot in cold water and hang the dress to dry.

    4. The most important tip? Keep your gown in a dress bag for as long

    as possible. It protects the dress from possible snags and scratches,

    which satin can be prone to. Only unbag when you're ready to iron.

    How to Be Photogenic
    Thursday March 26, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    How to Be Photogenic

    Daily Makeover recently published a long list of tricks to make you

    instantly more photogenic. We've gone over the basics on this blog,

    but some of the tips stood out as easy to incorporate and important

    to remember. Here are a few of our favorites!

    #1 Make sure your makeup matches your skin-tone. There's nothing worse

    than a two-toned look.

    #2 A photo can highlight flyaways so pat any obvious hairs down with a

    bit of pomade.

    #3 Avoid shimmer or sparkle makeup, which can exacerbate shininess.

    #4 Bright lipstick will make your teeth look whiter.

    #5 Stand in front of a white wall. This helps the camera find the correct

    color balance in the photo.

    #6 To avoid a double chin, elongate your neck and push your face forward.

    You might feel silly at first, but it really works!

    #7 Turn your head to a three-quarter position to give your features depth.

    #8 Put your hand on your hip and angle your body toward the camera.

    This elongates your silhouette.

    #9 To avoid a blinking photo, close your eyes right before the photo is

    taken and open slowly as the camera clicks.

    #10 Look toward a light right before someone snaps the photo. Doing

    so will shrink your pupils and help you avoid red eye.

    #11 Avoid standing in front of direct light. This can cause weird,

    unwanted shadows.

    #12 Make sure the photo is taken above you, rather than below. It

    makes all the difference in a flattering photo.

    #13 Try to think of something funny. A genuine smile always looks gorgeous!

    #14 Take a few silly shots. You'll be happy to have the memory.

    #15 Last, but not least, take multiple photos. No matter how you pose,

    there's bound to be a few photos you really love.

    Spring Nails
    Thursday March 26, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Spring Nails

    We're ready to break out the coral colors for a party of pretty nail

    art! We're especially drawn to the floral designs. The intricate

    details and fun artistry of these nails inspire us to find the right dress

    to go with them. We chose some fantastic party dresses that embrace

    the spring season. Hannah S helps tie the floral theme together, while

    Sticks and Stones is right on trend with crop tops and dance-worthy

    designs. Will you be trying new nail art this season? We're looking

    for a new beauty challenge and this might be the perfect one!


    Luminous Beauty
    Friday March 20, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Luminous Beauty

    Right now, our favorite beauty trend is luminous skin paired with

    a hint of rosy blush. The natural, springtime look goes well with

    a messy up-do and beautiful pastel gowns. We're pining for these

    pretty prom dresses from Clarisse. Sparkle details and floaty

    silhouettes create a princess-effect that is totally on-trend.

    Just add luminizer to your makeup routine. It creates a beautiful

    glow that will last all day long.

    Blogger of the Week: Haute House Flower
    Thursday March 19, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Blogger of the Week:

    Haute House Flower

    We currently have our eye on Jordan of Haute House Flower. We

    named her Blogger of the Week after finding her fabulous style online.

    In a recent entry, she wore a sassy cocktail dress from designer Alexia

    Admor. This glittery, floral frock ushers in the spring season. Follow

    Jordan on her blog for more fashion with a California twist! Keep

    scrolling for our favorite dresses from Alexia Admor.

    Spring Hairspiration
    Wednesday March 18, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Spring Hairspiration

    Spring is here. The sun is shining and we're ready for new hair!

    We searched for the perfect hairspiration and came up with a variety

    of heat-ready hair-dos. First, there's the short wave, which Kristen

    Stewart and Rosamund Pike exemplify with shiny, touchable hair.

    Stars like Jennifer Hudson and Scarlett Johansson are a bit bolder

    with their look. Jennifer chose a messy pixie 'do while Scarlett went

    for an edgy undercut. Both looks are unique and keep the hair off their

    neck. Another favorite style is the chic, sleek bob. Rose Byrne and

    Nicole Kidman look very polished in this classic look. We're certainly

    taking notes all the way to the salon!

    Beauty Trends at The Oscars 2015
    Wednesday March 04, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Beauty Trends at The Oscars 2015

    There was a number of new beauty trends this year. From the edgy

    undercut to the sleek middle part, we were fascinated by red carpet

    hair. Bright reds and shades of berry are a staple when it comes to

    bold lips, but we were pleasantly surprised to see peachy hues on

    Jennifer Hudson and Emma Stone. Some celebs had a lovely pink

    glow and many used shimmer to highlight their features. Both

    Anna Kendrick and Solange rocked strong eyeliner, but styled

    it in different ways.

    Peachy Lips

    Shimmering Eyes

    The Undercut

    Strong Eyeliner

    Berry Lips

    Messy Bangs

    A Sleek Middle Part

    Prom Hair Pairings
    Friday February 27, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Prom Hair Pairings

    Carrie Underwood may be queen of country, but she also happens to be

    queen of perfect prom hair. We stumbled upon a Pinterest graphic that

    directed us in the way of fashionable hair pairings. It showed us the

    best style for each neckline. We paired fabulous Carrie hair with some

    of our favorite prom dresses. Try these styles for your upcoming event..

    High Neckline = Try an up-do

    Asymmetrical Neckline = Try a side-pony

    Strapless = Try loose, wavy hair

    V-Neck = Try a half-up, half-down do'

    Seventeen Meets Paparazzi Prom!
    Thursday February 19, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Seventeen Meets Paparazzi Prom!

    Seventeen magazine chose three fantastic prom dresses to feature

    in this helpful video. Stylist Jamie picked looks from Mori Lee's

    collection to show how she would style these gorgeous

    gowns. With a variety of trends in mind, Jamie picked rocker chic,

    romantic and glam to use as fashion inspiration. The berry look

    was paired with statement jewelry to add an essential edge. Her

    second look played up a romantic vibe adding tons of girly accents.

    Last, she embraced the bling with this glam green silhouette. When

    it comes to hair, she kept things simple and chic.

    Whatever style you're into, Mori Lee's got a dress for you!

    Beauty Trends at The Grammys 2015
    Wednesday February 18, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Beauty Trends at The Grammys

    The beauty trends at this year's Grammys varied from bright and

    bold to very subtle. Many stars opted for a nearly nude, no-makeup

    look. With spring around the corner, this fresh-faced trend is a

    welcome change on the red carpet. We love the chic simplicity, but

    we also adore a good cat eye or berry lip. It adds a dramatic touch

    to any red carpet dress. Check out our favorite beauty moments of

    the night!

    The Cat-Eye

    Colorful Eye Shadow

    Beautiful Berry Lips

    Sexy Smokey Eye

    More Makeovers With NUE By Shani
    Monday February 16, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    More Makeovers With NUE By Shani

    This never gets old! The TODAY Show recently used a fabulous dress

    from NUE by Shani for their newest Ambush Makeover. They "plucked

    two ladies from the plaza" to create glam new looks. The second woman

    chosen wanted a "new start and a new look" after coming out of a long

    term relationship. With her best friend's support, she got that new look

    via the TODAY Show and, of course, NUE by Shani! We're especially

    fond of this dress. It's wonderfully unique and totally transitional. Add

    tights and a cardigan to face the winter weather but, as spring approaches,   

    the pattern becomes perfectly fresh. Wear it to work or as a cocktail dress.

    The versatility is endless and helps a gal go from day-to-night!

    Editorial Press
    Thursday February 12, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Editorial Press

    Two of our prom-tastic designers are featured in this month's Chumash!

    magazine. The editorial is elegant and calls to mind old Hollywood

    glamour. It features designers Xcite and Mac Duggal, both whom create

    a variety of looks to suit your every evening dress need. Get inspired

    by experimenting with bright red lipstick or a dark, smokey eye. Keep

    the event in mind as you plan for accessories and hair!

    Your Guide to Buying a Fabulous Prom Dress Online
    Wednesday February 11, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Your Guide to Buying A Fabulous

    Prom Dress Online

    1. Know Your Size

    Before you even start to search, take a measuring tape and figure out your

    exact size. Labels can vary depending on designer and retailer. It's a much

    safer bet to rely on measurements. Watch this video below for info on how

    to figure out your size.

    2. Pin or Bookmark Your Favorite Dresses

    Nothing is more fun than spending an afternoon on your favorite website

    pinning away the prettiest prom dresses. This gives you an idea of what

    you want and the best way to look for it. Once you see a pattern in your

    choices you can look for a specific style or designer. You might even

    discover a winner you overlooked before.

    3. Don't Wait Til the Last Minute

    This might be the most important tip. Some sites need ample time to get

    your dream dress in order. Other times, you may need to send something

    back. Either way, you don't want to take any chances. Give yourself plenty

    of time to browse and choose a dress, at least two months in advance.

    4. Buy From a Reputable Website (Like NewYorkDress!)

    If you have your heart set on a specific designer, you can check their website

    for authorized retailers. You can also look for a button that indicates an A+

    rating from the Better Business Bureau. Too many sites are quick to knock-

    off and you want to make sure you're getting the real deal.

    5. Check For Online Deals On Accessories

    Some retailers offer incentives to make an accessory choice easier. Take

    advantage of these deals and spend your savings on your special night.

    InStyle's Best Fashion Tips
    Friday February 06, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    InStyle's Best Fashion Tips

    InStyle Magazine recently created a list of top 50 fashion tips. We

    collected our favorites to guide you through shopping for your perfect

    evening dress. Keep these tips in mind as you shop your heart out! This

    array of purple and pink gowns illustrate many of these tips, such as

    color, shape and detailed accents.

    Tip #1: Embrace your shape

    Tip #2: Show skin strategically

    Tip #3: Conquer your fear of color

    Tip #4: Accessorize in brights

    Tip #5: Make a list of your favorite items

    Tip #6: Don't be afraid to try new styles

    Tip #7: Consider the wear and care maintenance

    Tip #8: Make friends with a good tailor

    Tip #9: Check every angle before leaving the house

    Tip #10: Wearing white? Check yourself in the light

    Tip #11: Always have a stylist emergency kit

    Tip #12: Dress for your body, not age

    Tip #13: Try the dress with a body-slimmer on hand

    Tip #14: Add an element of surprise

    Tip #15: When in doubt, wear nude pumps

    Beauty Trends From The SAG Awards 2015
    Friday February 06, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Beauty Trends From The SAG Awards

    Red lips are a Hollywood staple, but we're most surprised at the

    summery beauty trends that popped up at this year's SAG awards.

    We're in the middle of winter, but the stars must miss the warmer

    season. Not only was a peachy, bronzed look pretty popular, but

    breezy waves and an orange lip were seen on stars like Rosamund

    Pike and Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael. The biggest trend of

    the night? A fresh face with a neutral nude lip. This beach-ready

    look works really well on the red carpet. It photographs beautifully

    and puts the focus on fashion. Let's all dream of warmer times as

    we look upon these trends.


    Easy-Breezy Waves

    Neutral Nude Lips

    More Makeovers With NUE By Shani
    Friday January 30, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    More Makeovers With NUE By Shani

    We love a good Ambush Makeover. It's our favorite part of the TODAY

    ! This week was especially fun since they featured two NUE by

    Shani dresses in their regular segment. First up, a single mom from

    the Bronx who fell in love with her new look. She was fabulous from

    head-to-toe in a figure-flattering dress that combines black and blue

    perfectly. Second was a mom of three who embraced her lacy look

    with tears of joy. Try our little black dress for a chic winter version!

    Beauty Trends From The Golden Globes
    Tuesday January 20, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Beauty Trends From The

    Golden Globes

    This year, we found a variety of glam beauty trends throughout

    the Golden Globes. When it comes to hair, we saw a mix of sleek,

    pulled-back styles, alongside elegant waves. Bright red and soft

    berry were popular lip colors, while certain celebs pulled off a dark,

    smokey eye. This was a fabulous year filled with unique beauty

    moments. We can't wait to see what award season brings next!

    Berry Lips

    Smokey Eyes


    Wavy Bob

    Red Lips

    Shoulder Sweep

    Beauty Moments of 2014
    Friday January 09, 2015 Post a comment
    title image

    Beauty Moments of 2014

    2014 brought a variety of memorable beauty moments! This collection

    of photos stood out in our mind. From Rihanna channeling Josephine

    Baker to the controversial lips of Kylie Jenner, these looks were

    ones that had people talking. Do you have a favorite?

    Holiday Red & Greens
    Monday December 22, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Holiday Reds

    When it comes to the holiday season, do you reach for red or does a

    dose of green call your name? We picked eight different designers to

    present an array of evening gowns for you to choose from. Whatever

    darling dress you love most, a red lip pairs perfectly with it!

    Holiday Greens

    NUE by Shani Featured on the Steve Harvey Show
    Thursday December 18, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    NUE by Shani Featured on the

    Steve Harvey Show

    Steve Harvey took a cue from the TODAY Show on what women want.

    With help from celebrity stylist Lawrence Zarian, the pair helped

    women "forget their flaws and flaunt their assets." This involved

    showing how to dress for their body, shape and size. What designer

    helps in this department? NUE by Shani of course! For someone who

    wants to flatter their hips, arms and/or back, the Steve Harvey Show

    recommends this NewYorkDress designer. With a silhouette that

    naturally shapes the body, it's easy to see the difference this

    dress can make. The color-blocking brings attention to her face,

    while the neckline balances her hips and gives the impression of a

    smaller waist. The model was smiling from ear to ear!

    Cat Eye Queens
    Tuesday December 09, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Cat Eye Queens

    These beauty icons are known for their allusive cat-eye style. From

    the stars of yester-year to today's beautiful celebs, we learn from

    the best that you can't go wrong with a cat-eye. It's one of the most

    classic looks in beauty history and, at one time or another, every

    girl has tried it. The cat-eye can create a sultry or girlish look

    depending how you play up your makeup. Here are the cat-eye

    queens for perfect inspiration. Start taking notes!

    A Guide to Shapewear with Meredith Vieira
    Wednesday December 03, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    A Guide to Shapewear with

    Meredith Vieira

    Shapewear is all the craze this holiday season. Women want to look their

    best and shapewear makes that happen! We're happy to see host Meredith

    Vieira showcase this popular trend. Lilliana Vazquez, author of "The Cheap

    Chica's Guide To Style", shares her best shapewear tips on The Meredith

    Vieira Show. Vazquez is here to tell us that shapewear is no longer a "dirty

    little secret." Even Michelle Obama wears hers with pride! The show

    featured NUE by Shani as a fabulous option in your search to feel and look

    your best. The model describes how easy it was to put the dress on and how

    great she felt in it.

    Holiday Hair
    Tuesday November 25, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Holiday Hair

    Whether you're home for Thanksgiving or attending a Christmas

    event, you need a fabulous 'do to accompany your new holiday dress!

    These holiday hairdos are no muss, no fuss looks that are easy and

    worthy of accessories. You can try a ballerina bun, which is simple and

    elegant; or a braid crown for a lovely look that keeps your hair pulled

    back. If you're feeling lazy, go for a low, messy pony with some sort

    of sparkle. Visit our accessories section for more ideas!

    Fall Makeup Trends
    Friday November 07, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Fall Makeup Trends

    Fall is a season full of glamorous beauty trends! From shiny

    metallics to strong lashes, the runway provides inspiration that

    is sure to last all year round. These beauty must-haves range

    from bold to minimal. Check out some of our favorites!

    Fresh Face

    Colorful Eyes

    60's Inspired

    Major Lashes

    Homecoming Hair Ideas and How-Tos!
    Thursday September 25, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Homecoming Hair Ideas

    (& How-Tos!)

    We anticipate your every evening-wear need but, when it comes to hair, we

    turn to the NewYorkDress Pinterest page for ideas. Our favorite pins are the

    ever-helpful beauty tutorials. From nails to hair, you can find help with

    anything. We choose a few favorites to give you ideas for homecoming season.

    Are you up for an elegant chignon twist or a sexy sixties bouffant? Your hair

    choice can depend on your level of glam and personal style. Play around and

    try something new!

    NYFW: Backstage Beauty with Sherri Hill
    Tuesday September 23, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    NYFW: Backstage Beauty with Sherri Hill

    The beauty behind this season's Sherri Hill show was fun, fresh and fabulous.

    The runway hair was simple, yet sophisticated with low, teased-out ponytails

    that showed off the neckline of each dress. The tough 'do was a perfect match

    to the sweetly groomed look of each model's makeup. Strong brows, long

    lashes and soft pink lips made up many of the runway looks. Take a peek at

    some favorite behind-the-scenes shots. We dare you to recreate this sweet look

    for homecoming night!

    Beauty Trends From The Emmys
    Wednesday September 10, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Beauty Trends From The Emmys

    We've got a ton of fabulous beauty trends from this year's Emmy awards! Many

    opted for chic windswept hair. We love how versatile a short cut can be. A

    popular trend was dark smokey eyes. We spotted this classic red carpet look

    on a variety of celebs. We're always fond of a red lip and these stars wore theirs

    with pride. A surprising trend was the "no makeup" makeup. Certain celebs chose

    a beautiful bare-faced look that we definitely loved. Our favorite trend was the

    small pops of silver and pastels. They're easy to incorporate in small doses.

    Smokey Eye

    Rep Lip


    Pastels and Silvers

    Beauty Trends From TheVMAs 2014
    Wednesday September 03, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Beauty Trends From The VMAs

    Here is the prettiest (and most outlandish) beauty trends from this

    year's MTV Video Music Awards. We saw a strong red lip on a variety of

    celebs with pink in a close second. Summer sun brought a bronze-y sun-

    kissed look, while other celebs went all out in a rainbow of hair color.

    Sun-Kissed Glow

    Pink Lips and High Ponytails

    Colorful Hair

    Dreamy Hair Decor
    Wednesday August 06, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Dreamy Hair Decor

    Each one of these dreamy hair accessories is different from the next. We've

    got a variety of options and today's post features pieces that are perfect

    for an up-do on your wedding day. The intricate flower details make each

    accessory enchantingly unique. The flowers glitter and glisten at every

    turn; and our beautiful model shows off the different ways to wear these

    lovely headpieces. Pick an accessory of your own and try your hand at

    the different ways to wear it!

    Special Styles Perfect For Short Hair or Up-Dos!
    Thursday July 31, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Special Styles That Are Perfect

    For Short Hair or Up-Dos!

    Many of our most popular dresses are heavily detailed with beading,

    sequins, or lace all along the shoulders. What better way to showcase

    these details than with a fabulous up-do? They also work perfectly on

    a gal with a bold pixie cut or a short, chic bob. These evening gowns are

    meant to show off the shoulders and showcase a woman's gorgeous

    face. We love these looks and dare you to try a detailed design!

    Our Top 10 Summer Hairdos!
    Tuesday July 29, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Our Top 10 Summer Hairdos!

    As much as we love summer, finding the right hair-do amidst heat and

    humidity can be quite the challenge. Provided you don't get the urge to

    chop your long locks, here are ten of our favorite summer styles you can

    easily try from home. From ponytails to beautiful braids, there's sure to

    be an option you'll love. Try a high ponytail like Jessica Alba or look

    for a new style below!

    Colorful Bobby Pins

    Twisted Ponytail

    Top Knot

    Fishtail Braid

    Slick Ponytail

    Beachy Braids

    Milkmaid Braids

    French Braid

    Pomp Ponytail

    Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Makeup
    Wednesday July 16, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Makeup

    Do plan a spa day the week of your wedding to relax and prep.

    Don't try any new soaps or perfumes the week before your wedding.

    You could have an allergic reaction to something different.

    Do keep your wedding look simple and polished, especially when it comes to

    hair and makeup. You want to look like the best version of yourself. Now is

    not the time to try that crazy blue eye shadow!

    Don't get a new haircut the week of your wedding. If it doesn't turn out

    the way you want it to, there's not much you can do. Make sure to schedule

    your haircut a few months in advance.

    Do try a classic pink nail in case you need to make last minute touch-ups.

    Don't leave your house unprepared for beauty hiccups. Pack things like

    safety pins, Q-tips and bobby pins for any issues that may arise.

    Do wear waterproof mascara. It's an emotional day and you should prepare

    for the possibility of tears.

    The same goes for lipstick! Do wear a lipstick that lasts through kisses

    and food.

    Most important...

    Don't forget to do a beauty run-through before your big day!

    Makeup Tips For Graduation!
    Monday May 19, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Makeup Tips For Graduation!

    We've got every graduation dress you can imagine, but what about makeup?

    We're here to recommend the beauty essentials for that important day! You'll

    want long-lasting coverage through the ceremony, pictures and dinner. What

    do you need to achieve that? These products below!


    Any good makeup artist will tell you to start with primer. It prepares your

    face for the products. The primer makes sure nothing runs or looks shiny

    as the day continues. It's one product that is pretty handy for photos!

    Long-Lasting Foundation

    You could go with your usual foundation, but the long-lasting variety does

    the job quite well. Make sure you test the foundation a few days before and

    apply it evenly across your face.

    HD Setting Powder

    The last product for a flawless finish is HD Setting Powder. Once your base

    is applied, set the products with this powder using a large powder brush.

    Your makeup should stay in place all day long!

    Rosy Blush

    Your next step is a natural-looking blush. Gel blush works on all skin types,

    while cream blush is better on combination skin and powder is your best bet if

    oily is your norm.

    Neutral Eye Shadow

    You want to put your best foot forward this exciting day so we recommend

    keeping it simple with a natural hue and maybe some subtle shimmer.

    Light Lipgloss

    The same goes for your gloss. A dark lip might work most days, but keeping

    the color simple puts the focus on your beautiful smile and important people

    around you.

    Once you've done that last step, you're ready for a full day of festivities.

    Go forth and graduate looking gorgeous in NewYorkDress! Don't forget to

    enter Dress and Tell after all the fab photos are taken.

    Mac Duggal's Advice on How To Avoid Counterfeit Dresses
    Thursday April 03, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Mac Duggal's Advice on How To

    Avoid Counterfeit Dresses

    Every year, NewYorkDress designer Mac Duggal does an experiment to spotlight

    the pitfalls of buying counterfeit dresses. This year was no different, but it did

    have an added twist of possible health risks! After dealing with issues that come

    from shopping at a counterfeit company, Mac Duggal's social media manager,

    Nicole Schultz, tried on the knockoff dress for about ten minutes. What she

    didn't expect was a batch of scratchy hives! We're sure the poor-quality fabric

    was to blame. Highlighted on Mac Duggal's website, here are a few things to

    remember when shopping for your prom dress...

    -If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Deep designer discounts

    are a red flag when shopping at counterfeit shops.

    -If the color options largely differ from the designer website, that would also

    raise some doubts.

    -If you get this far, watch out for the name "CoCo" in your confirmation e-mail.

    Apparently this name is typically used by counterfeit sellers.

    You can easily see the difference in quality from the photo above. For some very

    real prom dresses shop our current Mac Duggal favorites!

    Prom Beauty Dos and Don'ts
    Monday March 10, 2014 Post a comment

    Prom Beauty Dos and Don'ts

    Prom night can be a bit hectic so here are a few do's and don'ts to get

    you through the big night.

    Do: Try your dress on multiple times before prom so you can make any

    necessary alterations.

    Don't: Break in new shoes the night of the event. Walk around your house

    to make sure the heels are comfortable.

    Do: Pack a beauty kit of bobby pins, lipstick, mints, safety pins, deodorant

    and doubled sided tape. You'll be ready for any mishaps that might occur

    with you or your friends.

    Don't: Forget to book everything in advance from your limo to your hair and

    makeup appointment. Make sure to confirm the week before.

    Do: Use a fine-tooth comb to gently tease your hair. It'll last longer

    throughout the night.

    Don't: Over-do it on makeup. you wanted to look like the best version of

    yourself. Choose one feature to highlight and down-play the rest.

    Do: Take a ton of photos and have as much fun as possible!

    Don't: Forget to enter our prom contest!

    Summer Trend: Bold Fuchsia Lips
    Monday June 24, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Summer Trend: Bold Fuchsia Lips

    Want to try something bold this summer? We recommend a passionate pink

    pucker to brighten your day. Of all the colorful hues of summer, fuchsia

    is one of our favorites. It's sugar and spice and everything nice all in

    one lipstick. Whether you go matte or go glossy, you're sure to be pretty

    in pink with this color. Make sure to keep it classy and minimal with the

    rest of your makeup to let the bold color shine through! 

    Fabulous Summer Bobs
    Monday June 03, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Fabulous Summer Bobs

    The weather is heating up and we've all got the urge to cut our hair. We

    realized that of all the hair cuts out there, our favorite is the bob!

    Whether shaggy or sleek, a bob is the perfect summer hairstyle. You get

    the length, but your hair still stays off your neck. Plus a bob always

    looks chic and carefree. Just look at some of our favorite celebrities

    rocking this summer-do.

    Designer Beauty Tips: Lela Rose
    Friday May 24, 2013 1 Comment
    title image

    Designer Beauty Tips

    NewYorkDress designer, Lela Rose, has some very important beauty tips!

    She recently confided to Fashionista,

    “My mother always told me for youthful skin, drink lots of water (never

    from plastic bottles) and to always take off your makeup before bed. I

    always use Lancome eye make-up remover and make sure to stay hydrated.”

    You heard the lady! It's an easy recommendation and if our skin looks half

    as good as hers, it will be a success.

    Here are few more of her favorite items as told to Harper's Bazaar.

    “Ted Gibson’s Beautiful Hold Hairspray is my favorite as it’s light and doesn't

    look or feel like hairspray. And Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Curl

    Lengthen Mascara is another favorite—I try to remember not to pump my

    mascara as it lets in air and make it look dry and clumpy. I just twist it

    around to keep the mascara moist. Also, I buy all my products from Truly, having one place that carries everything is what helps

    me survive the party season!”

    We don't know about you, but our beauty list just got longer!

    Spring Shoe Spotlight
    Tuesday May 21, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Spring Shoe Spotlight

    Ohmygod shoes! Our spring spotlight is on our favorite shoes of the moment.

    We're all about colorful sparkle so what better way to incorporate this season's

    colors than a rainbow of girly heels? It's every woman's weakness! Shop our

    shoe section to find your fairy-tale footwear.

    Anyone else jealous of this closet??

    Met Ball Beauty Trends
    Thursday May 16, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Met Ball Beauty Trends

    Award show beauty tends to be snores-ville, but looking back at the Met Ball,

    we were struck by how many different beauty trends popped up on the red carpet.

    Although attendees were reluctant to go full punk, many added a bit of edge

    with unique beauty details. These are a few of our favorite beauty trends from

    that fashionably punk night.

    Bold Burgundy Lips


    Extreme Smokey Eyes


    Colorful Streaks

    Hair-band Punks


    Red Hot Lips

    Savannah Lathem 2013 Prom: It's Your Time To Shine
    Tuesday April 23, 2013 Post a comment

      It's Prom 2013 and our resident celebrity blogger, Savannah Lathem, tells us the

    many fabulous ways to rock a NewYorkDress tiara.


    Gorgeous Eyebrow Icons
    Thursday April 18, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Gorgeous Eyebrow Icons

    One of our favorite beauty trends that comes and goes each season has to be

    the resurgence of strong, feminine eyebrows. It takes a strong woman to rock

    strong brows and, if groomed correctly, can shape the face gorgeously. Here are

    a few of our eyebrow icons leading the way in strong, face shaping brows. .

    Match Your Dress to Your Nail Art: Blush and Gold
    Tuesday April 16, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Match Your Dress to Your Nail Art:

    Blush and Gold Edition

    Whether the rest of your ensemble is embellished or subdued, your nails are

    definitely the place to get a little wild. This season, we're inspired by the

    color combination blush and gold. They're the perfect colors for any sort of

    formal event this spring-time season. Match your nails to your dress by going to

    a salon or be adventurous and grab that glitter yourself to create your very

    own work of nail art.

    Be sure and follow our Pinterest board dedicated solely to spectacular nail art!

    Braided Beauties: Pinterest Prom Edition
    Wednesday April 10, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Braided Beauties:

    Pinterest Prom Edition

    Pinterest is a multitude of inspiration. From home decor and diy to beauty tips

    and fashion, we're bound to learn something new every time we log on. One thing

    we never tire of is the endless supply of Hairspiration. There are braids, curls

    and ponytails galore. With prom soon approaching, we'd thought it'd be nice to

    share our top 5 “perfect for prom” braided hairstyles, discovered via Pinterest.

    For these styles and more, you can follow our pinterest board!

    Holiday Shoot
    Wednesday October 17, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Holiday Shoot

    With the holidays fast approaching, we couldn't wait to have our holiday shoot. We wanted decadence and elegance for our holiday shoot so we took to the beautiful architecture and golden lighting of one our favorite New York spots. What resulted was platinum perfection in BG Haute E01015, ($438).


    In this set

    BG Haute E01015, ($438).

    Behind The Scenes
    Monday October 01, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Behind The Scenes

    Check out our behind the scenes photos from our latest street style shoot. One thing we love the most about our street shoots is how minimalist they are. All we need is a camera, our model Casie and the city streets. What accessories would you have worn with these dresses?

    celebrity style

    In this photo

    BasixD5738A, ($350)
    Jovani S4247, ($600)

    Street Style
    Thursday September 27, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Around The City

    We love hitting the streets for our street style shoot. There's so much of the city we've yet to discover with new neighborhoods and new faces around every corner. Whether we're walking past a construction site, stopping in for a treat at our favorite cafe or catching the sunset on top of a rooftop, we always make sure our model Casie leaves a lasting impression with her impeccable style.


    In this photo:

    (From top to bottom)
    Basix D5738A, ($650)
    MacDuggal 61041R,($698)
    Sticks and Stones 9185, ($278)
    Boutique Charlotte, ($189)

    Street Shoot
    Wednesday September 26, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Behind The Scenes

    Our latest street style shoot took us to different parts of the city and made us fall in love with the city all over again. Casie rocked all her looks, making them her own with the touch of accessories. Own your city and own the streets you walk down with a style that's all yours.


    In this set
    (From top to bottom)
    Dress: Jovani S4247, ($600) Color: Silver/Nude
    Shoes: Alisha Hill S1145, ($190) Color: Nude
    Earrings:Jason J31, ($65) Color: Multi

    Dress: Sticks and Stones 9185, ($278) Color: Black/Silver
    Shoes: Alisha Hill S1145, ($190) Color: Nude

    Dress: Silver Basix D5738A, ($350) Color: Black/Black

    Street Style
    Monday September 24, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Sparkling Cocktail

    This cocktail dress was an absolute showstopper during our last street style shoot. Casie looked drop dead gorgeous in Jovani S4247 -a perfectly sultry cocktail dress completely covered in shiny rhinestones. You'll make a statement in this body conscious dress! We styled Casie with beautiful chandelier earrings and strappy rhinestone heels but left her hair naturally loose and with a slightly smokey eye and neutral lip.


    In this set

    Dress: Jovani S4247, ($600) Size: O Color: Silver/Nude
    Earrings: Jason J31, ($65) Color: Multi
    Shoes:Alisha Hill S1145, ($190) Color:Nude

    Silver Lining
    Thursday September 20, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Silver Lining

    Casie went for silver chic in Tony Bowls TS11274. The bodice of this icy gown is ruched for a body conscious fit, while draping sheer fabric lays elegantly on top. We love the embellished asymmetrical neckline, which adds a flash of sparkle to the silver shimmer of this gown. We accessorized Casie's look with a rhinestone bracelet and drop earrings and with a fabulous pair of embellished heels.


    In this set

    Dress, Tony Bowls TS11274, ($338)
    Shoes Alisha Hill S1145, ($190)
    Earrings, DSTEA19, ($65)
    Bracelet DST B1429, ($110)

    Street Shoot
    Wednesday September 19, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Casie and the Sequins

    The day we shot this sequin mini dress, we kept bumping into street art and instead of looking the other way, we incorporated the city's artsy corners into our shoot. The final verdict, of course, was that we loved Casie's Boutique Ginger mini more than any piece of art we saw on the walls. We didn't have to do much for this shoot-Casie wore her blonde locks naturally, with natural makeup and a pair of crystal embellished ankle strap stilettos, (Tony Bowls Jenny). This dress features a sheer decolletage which follows in the footsteps of the illusion trend. The body conscious bodice is completely covered in multicolored sequins, making it one seriously sparkly mini party dress.


    In this set

    Boutique Ginger, ($196)
    Shoes, Tony Bowls JENNY, ($170)
    Earrings, Jason J31, ($65)

    Lady In Red
    Tuesday September 18, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Lady In Red

    Our last shoot with Casie took us to pretty amazing rooftops with scenic views of the city skyline. No one's eyes were on the skyline as Casie floated in Mac Duggal 61041R, $698. This illusion gown features rich red lace layered on top of nude sheer fabric and long diaphanous fabric that floats to the floor. Casie accented her look with our favorite opalescent chandelier earrings, Jason J31, $65. Where would you go in this gown?


    In this set

    Earrings, Jason J31, $65 Color: Multi
    Dress, Mac Duggal 61041R, $698 Size: 4 Color: Red/Nude

    Street Style
    Monday September 17, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Body Conscious

    The little black dress was officially revamped on our last street style shoot. Our model Casie chose this body conscious mini dress by Sticks and Stones. Following the rising popularity of body-con dresses, Casie wore Sticks and Stones 9185, ($278) around the East Village, loving the little details like the diamond shaped back cut out, ruffled neckline and sheer lace sleeves. This mini dress taps in on two of this season's continuous trends: lace and he ever popular body conscious fit.


    In this set

    Sticks and Stones 9185, ($278) Size: 2 Color: Black/Silver

    Jason J31, $65 Color: Multi

     Alisha Hill, $190 Color: Nude

    Street Style
    Friday September 14, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Downtown Cool

    Our model Casie looked downtown cool in a jeweled mini dress. She accessorized her look with her favorite pair of sunnies and colored rope bracelets. She lead the way and we followed as she took us on a tour of her favorite East Village spots. All eyes were on Casie as she owned the sidewalks in Basix D6738A.


    In this set

    Basix D5738A, ($690): Color: Black Size: 2

    Street Style
    Thursday September 13, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Street Style Shoot

    One reason we love New York is the ability to step out of the office and our of our studios to do a photo shoot. With the gorgeous city as the ultimate backdrop, we really did feel like the world was ours and our model Casie made this dress hers. It's about to be fall in the city and we wanted to catch the changing colors, moods and style during our stroll in the Lower East Side. With taxis buzzing along and sidewalk cafes filled with chatter, Casie took it all in dressed in Boutique Charlotte, ($189) in teal and Tony Bowls Jenny, ($170) heels.



    In this set

    Boutique Charlotte Color: Teal Size: Small
    Tony Bowls Jenny Color: Black
    Earrings: Jason J31

    Savannah Lathem, guest blogger
    Monday August 27, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Savannah Lathem Writes for NewYorkDress!

    Hello NewYorkDress Fans!
    It was such a wonderful experience attending The 33rd Annual Young Artist Awards in Hollywood, CA. I was nominated for the Best Lead Performance in the Film Category. As always, I turned to to find my dress for the event.  They worked closely with me and found the perfect Red Carpet look.  

    I am 14-years old, 5"4, 99 lbs, and I often struggle to find designers that have the right look for me. After all, I don't want to look too much like a "little girl" or too much like an "adult", but NewYorkDress made it easy. After understanding my height, measurements, and complexion, they immediately found me the perfect dress, Sherri Hill 8422. It was a match made in heaven!  It made me feel and look like a Princess on my magical night.  I felt so confident and age appropriate. I loved the way it flowed with the layers and ruffles, giving me the young, fresh, vibrant look that I needed.  I also loved that it was fitted around my hips and sparkled with sequins, which helped give me the "teenage-edgy style" that I wanted.
    Savannah Lathem in Sherri Hill

    Girls, I know that homecoming is just around the corner and I hope you know that you can always count on to meet your fashion needs. They will help you find the designer look that fits YOU.  There are 7-billion people in the world, but there is only one beautiful YOU!  I say, be of yourself and don't compromise for anything less than what you are looking for.

    I am so looking forward to fitting me for the "California Solo" Premiere, starring Robert Carlyle (Once Upon a Time).  I play Robert Carlyle's daughter, Arianwen, who is also a typical teenager like me.  California Solo will be in theaters this fall.
    California Solol

    I am also honored to write blogs for and I am looking forward to hearing from you. So please check back and let me know what you think about the latest teen-tween styles, cosmo needs, and fashion accessories.

    - Savannah Lathem, a's guest blogger 

    Nashlly, a stylist and a photographer... oh my!
    Tuesday April 24, 2012 Post a comment

    photoshoot image

    Nashlly stopped by… 

    We caught up with our model Nashlly on Thursday to put together a look with her NYD stylist. She had about a 
    half hour before she had to head off to her Gala, with her friends from
    reality TV's Model Latina. Check out the great look we put together! 

    The dress: Jovani 3114 The earrings: DST EA19 The bag: Boutique 92466

    Dress Nashlly for her interview with Willem Dafoe
    Tuesday March 13, 2012 Post a comment


    going on now!  

    Kristen Bell's style

    Our wonderful model Nashly is interviewing Willem Dafoe (actor from Spiderman, Finding Nemo, Boondock Saints, The English Patient…) tomorrow night! Even better news… one of you will help pick what style Nashly wears. The winner receives $300 NYD dollars!!!!

    Simply create a look by adding items to your "favorites" on Post your share link underneath one of our contest posts (a video explanation will be posted shortly). Nashly will pick her favorite look tomorrow at 5pm!

    One post per person. We cannot recheck if you have changed items after your first submission.

    Behind the scenes with NewYorkDress
    Tuesday March 06, 2012 Post a comment

    Check out these great behind the scenes photos from our accessories shoot on 3.3.12! 

    behind the scenes photo
    Our wonderful model Casie having fun between shots! 

    behind the scenes photo
    Accessories, accessories, accessories! 

    behind the scenes photo
    Our stylist Jonah builds a sparkling collar our of brooches. 

    behind the scenes photo
    Our wonderful model Nashly getting strapped in! 

    behind the scenes photo
    "I'm ready for my close up!" 

    behind the scenes photo
    It's all about the details. 

    behind the scenes photo
    Hair change! 

    behind the scenes photo
    Our model Casie is stunning in every pose! 

    behind the scenes photo
    "Models give me wings!" 

    behind the scenes photo
    It's all smiles on the set. 

    behind the scenes photo

    behind the scenes photo
    Final make-up touches. 

    behind the scenes photo
    Special thanks to our talented photographer! 

    Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look at Prom Registry 2012 Video!
    Thursday February 02, 2012 4 Comments

    Monday January 27th, 2012

    I'm here in the NYD studio looking over the dresses, accessories, and make-up from last night’s video shoot. We shot on Wall St, in Manhattan and finished around 1:00 am. Celebratory cocktails were of course in order. Now, as I place red lipstick back into Nashlly's (model) make-up case, it reminds me of the sultry vixen character she played, as well as the mark it left on her glass.

    There were two main characters for this shoot. My styling choices were (as they always should be) meant to enhance the characters of our story. For this concept I chose super glam, nude dresses, with a ton of embellishments (BG Haute E01017). I wanted the accessories to compliment the looks and not detract from the beauty of the dresses.

    When I created the story for look one, I was thinking of a girl who loves big bold statement pieces. I started the story with this amazing pop of color, the bright coral bag. Knowing that the dress itself is a statement, I decided to keep the rest of the jewelry and the shoes monotone, with clear stones, just for sparkle.

    LOOK ONE - Bag: Jessica McClintock VA5097A (Coral), Earrings: WF Collection 291 (Silver), Bracelet: Jason J1200 (Gold), Shoes: Allure "Shimmer" (Gold) // LOOK TWO - Earrings: Jason KKE099 (Multi), Bracelet: Jason DB1269 (Multi), Bangle: WF Collection CT115 (Fuschia), Shoes: Alisha Hill S1145

    I approached the second story from the opposite point of view, by getting the pop color from jewelry. The shoes continue the nude feel but shine in multiple iridescent colors, from there I went on to choose jewel tone chandeliers, a delicate colorful bracelet, and a statement bangle that really catches your eye, but doesn't distract. Keeping the clutch simple let the colorful jewelry take center stage, spicing up the look without making too daring a choice.

    I'm already preparing for tomorrow's exclusive studio shoot and I can't wait to give you another look from behind the scenes. Stay tuned!

    And be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!


    What's Your Season?
    Wednesday January 25, 2012 1 Comment

    What's Your Season? 

    season color image

    Analyzing your skin tone and (natural) hair and eye color can help you determine which colors work best on you.

    To start, find the undertone color of your skin by looking at the inside of your arm in natural daylight. Then, use the list below to decide which season most accurately describes your complexion.

    Winter (think Kim Kardashian, Lucy Liu, Courtney Cox, Catherine Zeta Jones) Winter is a cool tone. People with winter complexions have blue or pink/rosy undertones. Skin can be pale and porcelain white, yellowish-olive, or dark. Winters are generally brunettes with deeply colored eyes. Many Asians and African Americans fall into this category. Natural white-blondes may also be winters. Those with the winter color profile have a lot of depth to their coloring and a lot of contrast between their hair color, eye color and skin tone.

    Best Colors for Winters are hues that are sharp, stark and clear. You will look best in intense, rich colors, like black, navy blue, red, and hot pink. For lighter colors, wear bright white or icy pastels, such as like cool blues and pinks.

    Worst Colors for Winters: Avoid dressing in earthy tones and subdued colors like beige, orange and gold. They will make you look faded and ashen.

    Summer (think Gwenyth Paltrow, Dakota Fanning, Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon) Summer is also a cool tone and with blue and/or pink undertones. Their skin is very pale and pink. Summer coloring usually occurs in natural blondes, and even pale-skinned brunettes with pale eyes. More often than not, winters are brunettes and summers are natural blondes.

    Best Colors for Summers: Summers have a low level of contrast between their hair, eye color and skin tone. For you to look your best, choose soft neutrals and pastels, as well as muted colors with cool undertones. Powder blue, dusty pink, mauve, lavender, plum, and pale yellow are all great color choices.

    Worst Colors for Summers: Avoid intense, vivid hues because they will look harsh and drown you out. Also stay away from earth tones and orange, which will wash you out.

    Autumn (think Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman) Autumn is a warm tone and people with this complexion have golden undertones in their skin, like a pale peach, golden beige or golden brown. Many redheads and brunettes with golden brown eyes fall into this category. However, golden blonde and black hair coloring can also fall into this range.

    Best Colors for Autumn: Rich golden, spicy and earthy colors will accent your complexion. Therefore, look for a warm undertone when selecting a color. You can wear both muted and rich warm colors that are seen in autumn leaves and spice colors, such as camel, beige, olive, orange, gold, and dark brown. You will also look great in a rich warm grey.

    Worst Colors for Autumn: Stay away from clear, bright colors and black and white, which will make your look tired and faded. Also steer clear of pastels and blue tones, which will look cold against your complexion and give you a pale appearance.

    Spring (think Lindsay Lohan, Anna Kournikova, Mischa Barton) Spring is also a warm tone. People of this complexion have subtle golden undertones and are usually creamy white or peach. Springs have extremely light, ivory skin color, with usually natural golden blonde, auburn, or strawberry blond hair. Springs also have very clear, light blue and green colored eyes. Freckles and rosy cheeks are also characteristics of this group. If you can’t decide weather you are an autumn or a spring, springs tend to have pale eyes while autumns have dark eyes.

    Best Colors for Spring: Springs can wear very pale, soft colors, such as peach, camel, golden yellow,golden brown, and aqua. You will also look fabulous in ivory, bright greens, true reds, clear blues and coral. Your colors may be particularly hard to find because they can never be too muted or too dark.

    Worst Colors for Spring: Avoid black and white, which are too contrasting for you. Also stay away from dark, dull colors.

    What shape are you?
    Tuesday January 24, 2012 7 Comments

    Beauty comes in all shapes. What shape are you? 

    body type image

    Hour Glass (think Salma Hayek) This shape is coveted by many, but enjoyed by few! With this type of figure, pretty much anything goes. Lucky you!

    Triangle (think Jennifer Garner) You can choose to emphasize the upper body with a dress that has good support and a deep neckline. If you want to de-emphasize the upper body, wear a dress that attracts the eye to the waistline.

    Pear (think Jennifer Lopez) Try an a-line or full shirt to de-emphasize your hips. Try a fitted top to draw more attention to the upper portion of the body.

    Rectangle (think Kate Moss) You can create "curves" with a bell-shaped dress that draws attention to the bust line. Dresses with belts also help create curves.

    Apple (think Renée Zellweger) Try an empire waist. You won't have to worry about it being too tight on the waist or hips. A shorter dress will bring attention to your legs rather than your mid-section.

    A Prom-goer Seeks Fashion Advice from NewYorkDress Stylists!
    Tuesday January 24, 2012 Post a comment supporter Christina wrote in from Egypt to seek the expert advice of our stylist team in hopes of getting dress, hair and make-up suggestions for her prom this year. Standing at a petite 5 feet tall and having a pear shaped body, our stylists recommended Allure Dress 6410N ($338.00) as a top dress choice. The empire waist and short length of the skirt will help create an elongated body illusion.

    Out Stylist’s Suggestion for Christina!

    Our stylists paired this gorgeous dress with Benjamin Walk “Tahiti” shoes ($117.00) because of their delicate simplicity.

    For her hair, the stylists suggested an up-do (pictured above) which will show off the dress’ sweetheart neckline and her shoulders. This will also help create an elongating effect. Finally, for her make-up – our experts recommended a natural smoky eye and a neutral tone for the lips like a sheer coral gloss.

    We think she’ll look gorgeous! To check out these and other styles visit our Prom 2012 dress page or our “As Seen In” section for styles featured in Seventeen Prom and Teen Prom magazines!

    Measure for your dress size
    Tuesday January 17, 2012 Post a comment

    Learn how to measure for your dress size in 3 steps! 

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