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    False Eyelashes

    Friday July 06, 2012
    Categories: Exclusives, Trend Alert
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    In The Blink Of An Eye

    Long before the eyelash extensions and the slew of volumizing mascaras, were the first pair of false eyelashes. According to makeup and movie legend, false eyelashes were invented in 1916 on the set of the silent film, Intolerance. Director D.W. Griffith needed his leading lady, Seena Owen (above), to show some serious emotion and decided that the windows to her soul needed dramatic drapes. So, thanks to a bit of hair, gauze, and glue, false eyelashes were born. Available today in hundreds of varieties ranging from natural to downright alien, it appears that this beauty staple is sticking around for good.

    The Inspiration: Seena Owen and Twiggy

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    Get the look:

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    False Eyelashes from Makeup For Ever, $15

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