2011 Prom Trend Alert: Short-to-Long Skirts & Trains

The 2011 prom season is almost here!  It’s time to start shop, shop, shopping to find the perfect dress that’s really going to make your night memorable.  This year’s gowns are bold, sassy, and full of vibrant colors and trend-setting styles.  One unique look in this year’s collections is the standout short-to-long skirt, train, or convertible style gown.

This look has it all.  You can show off great legs with a short skirt in the front while keeping the celebration on-point elegant and dignified, too.  Feel free to get dramatic on the dance floor with that swishy train.  The convertible styles give the option to shed the train right after the grand march, so you can kick up your heels as soon as the first song starts.  This style is powerful, fun, and sure to be a show-stopper for girls bold and brave enough to give it a whirl.

Wearing this type of style is easier than you’d think.  Being short in front and long in back makes it comfortable and easy to walk and dance in.  Anytime you wear a train you have to exercise a little bit more care then normal to avoid any spilled punch or another hazards.  But just toss the train elegantly over your forearm and strut forward with stylish grace.  Practice at home; it’s fun and a great excuse to wear your prom dress as much as possible.

Some other cool details to consider if you like this look are what you want to achieve with the train.  Many of the dresses have fabulous details like bold rosettes and layered draping, which are dramatic, romantic, and whimsical all at the same time.  Other looks have colorful print undersides made for flipping and flaunting, and some styles are more subdued in solid colors with more of a traditional flowing drape.  With so many options for this super-chic and cool look, what will you pick?

Vavoom Hi-Lo Prom Dress with Rosettes

Ruffle Wild Prom Gown with Jewels 

One Shoulder Technicolor Gown with Train

Let’s Tango Hi-Lo Prom Dress 

Strapless Wild Underside Prom Gown