3 Easy Work-to-Fabulous Holiday Hairstyles

3 Easy Work-to-Fabulous Holiday Hairstyles

Going from work to a party can be hectic, but you don’t want to skimp on style just because you’re short on time! Check out these 3 super simple hairstyles for the holidays, all courtesy of Lauren Conrad. Whether you’re a fan of the ex-reality star or not, you have to admit the gal has simple hairstyles down to a science and always looks pulled together and chic.

1. The top knot. This is the hairstyle you either love or hate. Conrad loves it and so do we. It’s simple and looks great with a fabulous party dress that sparkles or boasts serious lace detail. It’s a chic hairstyle that gets your hair out of the way. Plus, if you’re the girl that always wears her hair down, pulling it back will make you look different and special for the occasion. Start with dirty hair (yay!), and bring hair to the round of the head, smoothing out any bumps with a brush. If your hair has flyaways or frizzies, you can apply a smoothing cream before bringing the hair up into a ponytail. Brush through the ponytail and split into two sections. Wind one section around the ponytail elastic and pin with tonal (those that match your own hair color) bobby pins. Do the same with the remaining piece of hair. Use a fine tooth comb and hair spray to get those stubborn flyaways after the bun is in place. We love this hairstyle with winged cat liner.

2. The headband. A sparkly headband looks grownup and fabulous when it’s delicate and has subtle shine. You don’t want anything with a big bow or mega prints. Stick to a princess-like headband. Conrad chose a gold headband for a book signing, and the look is super simple to pull off and looks fantastic on gals with curly or wavy hair. Enhance your curls or waves with a glossing cream to give them bounce and shine. If your hair is straight, you can set your hair in large rollers or go through it with a curling iron. We’re bonkers for this hairstyle because it can be a bit messy and undone and still look great. Part hair where you’re comfortable; a deep side part is sassy, while Conrad’s middle part is more refined. After parting hair, gather hair loosely at the nape of the neck, roll it, and pin into sections, about 3-4 inches of hair at a time. If it’s a bit messy, there’s no need to worry. This is a more bohemian look. Add the headband and spray with a soft hold hair spray to avoid the curls from looking too “done.” A fun hairstyle like this needs a bright pink lip!

3. The chic ponytail. A ponytail may sound bland, but check out Conrad’s take on this basic hairstyle. If your hair is curly or wavy, you can still wear this hairstyle. No need to bust out the flat iron or blow dryer to attempt to make your hair straight. Work a shine serum through hair because whatever the texture is, shiny hair always wins! Create a deep side part with a fine tooth comb. Bring hair over to the opposite side of the part and gather at the nape of the neck. Secure hair with an elastic. Take a piece of hair from the underside of the ponytail and wind it around the elastic and pin with a bobby pin underneath the ponytail. If the hair isn’t smooth and doesn’t want to wind easily, curl that piece of hair. The spring effect of the curl will let it wrap the elastic in no time. Finish with hair spray to lock the look in. We love this hairstyle with a strapless dress because it adds a little something extra to bare skin at the top of the dress.

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