5 Amazing Makeup Tips

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5 Amazing Makeup Tips

To help you look amazing on your big night out!

Makeup can be a tricky monster to perfect, especially on a special occasion. These 5

simple tricks, will help you master your makeup and feel your best on your next big night


1. The Dot Method

Ever tried to wing your eyeliner and end up with asymetrical wings? We all have, but

with this simple trick you can easily make both eyes the same. Here’s how: Apply eye

liner to the lid as usual on both eyes stopping at the outer corner. When you’re ready to

do your wing, just simply make a dot on both sides where you want the wing to end.

Connect the dot to your already completed liner at the outer corner and your done. If you

need to perfect the line, my recommendation is to take a q-tip with a little eye makeup

remover on it and clean up the line. Dab the eye with a cotton ball to remove any makeup

remover left over and you’re done!

2. Fixative

There are a ton of makeup fixing sprays on the market, but by far the most cost effective

is by Evian. You can get the 5 ox bottle for about $10, so it’s really the best bet. Spritz

your face before you start applying foundation for a healthy glow. Spritz again when

makeup is complete and this spray will help your makeup stay on longer, without drying!

It’s also just amazingly refreshing!

3. The Cupids Bow

Want the appearance of fuller lips? Well this trick will have your pout on point! After

lipstick or gloss has been applied to the lips take a small amout of any shimmery skin

toned eyeshadow (1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin) and apply to the cupids bow. You

can use a brush, your finger, or… finally a use for those small sponge appliquators that

come with your eyeshadows. The added highlight adds the appearance of fullness to the

lips, and you can’t beat that!

4. Soft Perfect Brows

Ever wonder what that thing was good for? Well we have 2 uses that will make this

inexpensive brow brush your best friend! Brows are important, they frame your face and

when they’re perfectly accentuated seem to complete a makeup look. But there is nothing

worse than hard, dark, obviously drawn on brows and with this trick your brows will

always be soft and perfect. The trick is to pencil your brows with a pencil 2 shades lighter

than your hair color (or a soft cold taupe if you’re extremely blond). Once you’re done

use the soft bristly end of this tool and work out the product. Brush the hairs back and

forth through the brow and up and down at the very front near your nose. Brows, check!

5. Unclumped Lashes

Do you want this look without any clumps and no falsies? It’s easy with any mascara and

a brow brush. The small comb side of the brush is made to separate lashes, but have you

ever applied mascara and tried to use the tool to unclump them? It’s a huge mess! The

trick is to use the tool to apply the mascara, not to fix it! Take your fave mascara and run

the brush over the comb side of the tool. Once it has product on it comb through your

lashes. Repeat a few times and you will have perfectly separated and elongated lashes. I

bet you never thought a brow brush would be so handy!