5 Clutch Must-Haves for the Holidays

5 Clutch Must-Haves for the Holidays

A little bag is darling and sweet, but how about cramming that thing with everything you need? Yikes! Between a cell phone and a credit card there’s sometimes little room for anything else, as you can see in our collage of clutches that have been spotted at events on celebrities. No matter what size your evening bag is for the holidays, you want to make sure you have these 5 must-haves that are essential to making your night easy and carefree.

P.S. We’re omitting a cell, credit cards and cash because those are a given. Always keep at least a 20 dollar bill on you at all times. You never know when you might need it!

1. The lip color you’re wearing and lip balm. Preferably lip balm in a tube and the same for your lip color. You don’t want anything you have to stick your finger in, so pot versions are out. You can touch up your lip color, but if you’re wearing bold lips and they just won’t stay put, you can always put the balm to create a faux gloss. This gives the lips a sheen and moisturizes, but creates a softer look which fades well if you’re air kissing and drinking.

2. Blot powder. In a pinch blot powder does the trick to reduce shine and work on touch-ups under the eyes. Choose a blot powder in your skin color. Going with one any lighter can result in looking too light once you’re in front of a camera. Ditch the cotton pads that come with blot powder and opt for a sponge applicator which will create a more natural finish when the powder’s applied to the skin. Do not pack the powder on during a touch-up! Blot only areas that need to diminish shine or coverage.

3. Tissues. Clean up drippy eye makeup, blot the lips and skin, and even stuff ’em in the bottom of your heels if your shoes start to hurt like mad. Tissues also come in handy for others, making you the belle of the ball for having “everything” in your clutch.

4. Mints. Not everyone chews gum, and you may not want to in front of people you just met, so stick with mints. A tin of mints takes up zero room in an evening bag and will be a hit when everyone is done with dinner or drinks.

5. A hair elastic and bobby pins. If you’re out with close friends and dancing may be involved, consider taking a hair elastic and bobby pins. You want to use both an elastic and pins that match your hair color. When in doubt, simply pull hair back into a chignon for chic look that pulls you hair off your face and neck and lets you dance the night away.