70s Styling Done Easy

We know you know that this spring is all about the 70s. You read it here along with every other fashion source. We’re basking in the liberated glory of the “free to be me” decade. It was such a momentous time when women’s closets housed the gamut: from maxi dresses to micro minis to hot pants and goddess gowns. Can you say options? Plenty of options! 
Image credits: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin
After saying bye-bye to the no frills sweater sets of the 60s with the bouffant hair, and expected make up, the girls from the 70s maximized their looks for full expression. They were vibrant, sexy and fun.  With so many options to choose from, what’s a modern girl to do? No need to despair, we’re here to break it down to the basics of hair, make up and shoes. Here’s what you need to get that 70s thing on.
Let’s start at the top. Just like the times, 70s hair was loose and flowing. A center part was essential. For a haute hippie look, get out your flat iron and straighten away. If your mane goes curly keep it soft with a little flip. Remember “The Farrah”? The perfect hair for a flirty halter dress. If you’re curly, but keeping the curls relaxed isn’t do-able, then let your frizz go free with a bohemian scarf wrapped on. Overall, your hair should either be long, big, or wild.
The make up of the 70s was both natural and glamorous. 
Dewy skin 
Rosy cheeks   
Glossy lips  
Don’t let your lips lose their gloss! 
For a true 70s match, coordinate your eye shadow with your outfit. If it’s turquoise on the dress, then it’s turquoise on the eyes! Don’t forget the glitter when dancing the night away.
The must-have shoe for all things 70s is the platform. Whether it’s a clog, a wedge or a sandal, you’ll soar to new heights in these heels. When going casual with wide-leg jeans- we love the vintage chic appeal of these wedges. When taking on the night- grab your hot pants, and bring on the shine with these party-favorites. Lucite bangles, gold necklaces, and a care-not attitude will finish off the ensemble in pure 70s fashion.