A Brave Teen in Faviana

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A Brave Teen in Faviana

The teen above, Kristen Layne, is an inspiration to us all. She recently

posted a photo hoping to sell her junior prom dress. She wanted to buy a

new gown from Faviana for senior year. Instantly she was cyber-bullied

with a barrage of hateful comments. “God did not put me on this earth to

please you. Sorry I am not more pleasing to your eye,” she told them. She

stood strong as others jumped to her defense. “Don’t let anyone break you

down,” Kristen said.

Her community raised money to buy her new gown and much more. She

felt overwhelmed with support and a sense of strength and confidence.

She told Cosmo magazine that she hopes her experience enables other girls

to stand up for themselves in the face of bullying and realize how much

they’re worth. NewYorkDress is on board with body-positivity. Every girl

has the right to feel fabulous. Here are a few of our current plus prom

dresses that have caught our eye.