A Frozen Summer

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A Frozen Summer

The white dress by La Femme is a classic, no matter what the weather, but in the

Summer it is definitely one of my favourite choices of colour. This stunning white two

piece is absolutely perfect for any occasion, whether it be prom, an evening out or just

having a stroll down the beach after dinner on holiday.

The long, white skirt flows beautifully in the breeze, while the rhinestone encrusted bodice

with lace detailing adds a touch of luxury to the outfit, and makes it truly special. I felt a

little bit like Elsa from Frozen while wearing this, although unfortunately an icy

background was not available. So I went for an ‘Elsa in the Summer’ kind of look, with

bohemian hair and a backdrop of ancient trees.

This dress is absolutely timeless and remains perfect for any event throughout the

changing seasons, whether you choose to wear it surrounded by flowers in the Spring

or by snow in the Winter.