A Guide to Shapewear with Meredith Vieira

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A Guide to Shapewear with

Meredith Vieira

Shapewear is all the craze this holiday season. Women want to look their

best and shapewear makes that happen! We’re happy to see host Meredith

Vieira showcase this popular trend. Lilliana Vazquez, author of “The Cheap

Chica’s Guide To Style”, shares her best shapewear tips on The Meredith

Vieira Show. Vazquez is here to tell us that shapewear is no longer a “dirty

little secret.” Even Michelle Obama wears hers with pride! The show

featured NUE by Shani as a fabulous option in your search to feel and look

your best. The model describes how easy it was to put the dress on and how

great she felt in it.