Animal Prints, Down the Runway & Into Your Closet

Looking to get wild with your wardrobe this season? Then animal prints are a must-do. The always exotic and glamorous statement lends a bit of va va voom to all ensembles. From sexy starlets to fiery fashionistas, leopard, cheetah, zebra and snakeskin prints have prowled their way front and center of the fash-pack. 
animal print dress
The leopard and cheetah have declared a feline moment in fashion. Causing quite a stir on the S/S 11 catwalks of Blumarine, Cavalli and Givenchy, the spotted print unleashes sex appeal like no other. Nicky Hilton and Jaime King played their wild card at a French Connection party where the two were spotted in the same purr-fectly printed mini dress. We’re rooting for Team Hilton on this one with her smart cinch of a black leather belt and pointy heels. She shows the power of select styling to bump up a look from wow to the cat’s meow.
If the leopard and cheetah are kings of the fashion jungle, then the zebra reins queen. The classic black and white is injected with a dose of playful color this season by Louis Vuitton. When choosing zebra print make sure it’s a modern design, or vintage done right. If the stripes are stretched in spandex, it’s a no-go. Eighties head-bangers we are not. Keep it flowy like Mr. Vuitton and choose this gown by La Femme. Can you say fierce and fabulous?
Snakeskin prints are also slithering their way onto the scene. While we see the lure of a floor sweeping gown, we are rattled with joy to see snakeskin as an accent. Think belts, shoes and scarves to rock an outfit to success. These pumps by Jovani will get you started.  
Welcoming animal prints into your closet should be a no-brainer. Treat them as the new neutral by sliding them right next to your basic blacks and browns. A black blazer and black wide-leg trousers effortlessly anchor an animal print blouse.
Here are a few more tips:
Don’t be afraid to mix your prints. Stripes, florals or even plaid work wonders with animal prints as shown by Cupcakes And Cashmere’s Emily Schuman
Leopard and safari green are a match made in heaven. Add red hot heels for extra temptation.
Gold chains and long pendants dangle delightfully with the wild patterns.

Lastly, animal prints aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they are everywhere. The runway trend stays relevant through the times – meaning your animal print purchase is a timeless classic, well worth the investment.