Ashley Lauren’s Satin Tips

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Ashley Lauren’s Satin Tips

Last year, some of our favorite fashion pointers came from

designer Ashley Lauren. She taught her faithful fashionistas the

right way to care for satin fabric. Much of our image is preparation

for a glamorous event, but what happens when the event is over?

After a night on the town, what’s a girl to do about smudged makeup

and sad wrinkles on a beautiful satin dress? Our designer shared

secrets through social media and we want to share them with you!

1. Do we steam or do we iron? Ashley Lauren says that ironing is

the quickest way to get wrinkles out of satin. It doesn’t stretch

the fabric which guarantees long-time wear. Solid advice indeed!

2. Don’t panic if you get makeup on your dress. This designer says

to fold the satin on itself and rub together. Rubbing satin on satin

should do the trick.

3. If a small stain appears, hand-wash with mild detergent. Gently

rub the spot in cold water and hang the dress to dry.

4. The most important tip? Keep your gown in a dress bag for as long

as possible. It protects the dress from possible snags and scratches,

which satin can be prone to. Only unbag when you’re ready to iron.