Ballet Wedding

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Ballet Inspired Wedding

If you’re wishing for a ballet inspired wedding, we have some ideas that’ll have you blushing. Love already has you on your toes, now it’s our turn to inspire the Prima Ballerina in you. Let your bridal gown channel the elegance and grace of a ballerina-let yourself float in layers of decadent tulle and lush rosettes. We’re thinking light as watercolor pinks, creams, lavenders and blues, a slight flush on the face and spell bounding eyes. Peek our Pinterest page for more wedding ideas!


In This Ballet Number
1. Theia 890010, ($795)
2. Jason J101, ($80)
3. Kathy Hilton H24046, ($550)
4. Allure JOY, ($50)
5. Allure 8803 (price upon request)
6. DST E92000, ($110)
7. Colorifics HB429, ($47)
8. Allure SUNRISE, ($90)