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Hello Sunshine

Some of your biggest beauty blunders occur overnight. Between smudged nail polish, smeared makeup, and bad breath, the blunders just keep piling on leaving a girl to wonder what to do. Even if you prep before bed you can wind up with beauty blunders in the AM. We know how irritating it is to wake up from a peaceful snooze only to find your sheets stained and all of your beauty routine gone to waste. We’ve rounded up solutions for the most common mishaps so you can rest easy and welcome the sun looking gorgeous!
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Caution: wet paint! Hate when you think your manicure has dried only to wake up with sheet prints and smudges? Although your fingertips may feel dry to the touch in minutes, complete hardening takes over an hour. To be safe, use a fast-dry top coat and be sure to paint your nails two hours before hitting the hay.

To avoid bronzer or self-tanner stains on your clothes, it’s wise to apply the golden glow at night. But how can you make sure the hint of tint doesn’t rub off onto your sheets? After the fake bake dries on your skin, apply a light layer of baby powder to absorb any excess moisture and leave your skin smooth and soft.

Although you may think a peaceful slumber helps relax facial muscles, stressful dreams can cause wrinkles to form on your face while you snooze. Zap these fine lines with a healthy moisturizer packed with oxygen, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid such as Kate Somerville’s Dermal Quench Liquid Lift. The gentle foam works like an instant shot of botox!

Are your pillowcases covered with dark smudges from makeup leftovers? Your cleanser probably isn’t strong enough! Use an oil-based makeup remover around the eyes to help break down particles, ensuring you wash away every bit of liner and mascara without causing breakouts.

Even if you brush your teeth before you hit the sheets, you are bound to wake up with morning breath. While there is no cure for that funky taste, there are methods to reduce the odor. After brushing, be sure to floss and swish mouthwash. This will dislodge any small particles stuck between teeth. But the most important step? Scrub your tongue with your tooth