Beauty Blunders

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Top Beauty Blunders

When it comes to beauty, especially in metropolitan areas like New York City, anything goes. We know how hard it is not to try everything once, beauty wise-which is why we understand that dying your hair, overplucking brows, experimenting with hems and lipstick colors, happens. There are, however, some beauty blunders you should avoid altogether.

The No-Nos

-Bitten Nails are at the top of the list for a reason. Two simple reasons: you carry loads of bacteria under your nails and when you bite them, you’re consuming the bacteria which can make you sick. Second strike-bitten nails look unprofessional, unkempt and are a sign of nervousness. Break that habit, girl!

Too much makeup can be a very bad thing. Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, not conceal. Overloading on makeup can make you look like a clown and can be distracting and unprofessional. Putting your best face forward means finding the right products that work with your skin and your look. In our opinion, the best cosmetic a woman can invest in is self confidence!

Unkempt attire can really put a damper in things. You can have a rocking outfit or dress and if it’s stained or wrinkled, it won’t have the same impact. If you’re looking to be taken seriously in the workplace, take care in your appearance. Whether you visit the dry cleaner or take the time to iron your clothing, clean, fresh looking outfits really speak volumes.

Over treating your locks can do permanent damage, not to mention, look unapproachable. Sometimes, loud colors can make a woman appear unapproachable even if she entirely is! We’re not saying you can’t make a statement with your do-just make sure that your locks aren’t the only thing people focus on when you’re speaking.

Showing too much cleavage is not a good look, especially in the workplace. There’s a time and place for certain attire, ladies. There’s nothing with taking pride in your curves- once again, however, don’t let it come in between you and your workplace persona. Professional attire is best for the workplace.Sorry girls, but we’re standing firm on this one.