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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Here are some findings for you to ponder: a study conducted by UK brand Simple Skincare, revealed that the average woman looks into a mirror at least eight times at their work place and about fifty percent of the women, (2,000 in total) don’t leave their house without a compact mirror and look into an average of 10 times per day.

Now, a new article in The New York Times coined the trend, “mirror fasting,” which refers to the practice of not using a mirror at all-or at least weening yourself off of using one. What were the findings? According to the article, ‘mirror fasting’ helps you take the focus off of yourself. The study also found that women who partook in the study found themselves more ‘serene’ and with a higher self esteem.

Do you think you could go a day without looking into the mirror?

In this photo: Mori Lee 1862, ($1078)