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DIY Lip Scrub

With colder weather just around the corner, chapped lips are going to be happening a lot more often. While balms may provide a bit of soothing, there’s nothing quite like a little lip exfoliation to help get rid of dry, flaky skin. Here’s the DIY for a deliciously effective lip scrub that’s perfect as a gift for all your girlfriends.

What You Need

1 TBSP honey
1 TSP of coconut oil
2 TBSP of brown sugar
A mixing bowl
An empty jar or 2.5 oz baby food jar

Mix the coconut oil and honey until they bind together. The consistency should be very thick. Make sure to mash up all of the coconut lumps so that the mixture is clump-free. This will serve as the base of the scrub. Add two hand packed teaspoons of brown sugar and fold it into the base. Brown sugar not only tastes fantastic, it is also a great natural exfoliant because it’s not too harsh and leaves skin soft to the touch. All of the brown sugar should be coated in the coconut oil and honey base. Bottle up and you’re good to go!
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