Beauty Habits

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Bad Beauty Habits

When it comes to habits, we all have them. Truth be told, we could all do with a little ixnay on the bad beauty habits. We’re totally on board with taking pride in your appearance, but we were actually really shocked to find out that some of our own habits were actually bad ones. Don’t bow your head in shame, doll. Take note-these tips are all for a healthier, more beautiful you. What’s your bad beauty habit?

The List

1. Never tweeze any ingrown hairs. As pesky as they may be, tweezing and poking at ingrown hairs can lead to scarring of the skin and possible infection. Best bet is to let the hair work itself out.

2. Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you have to follow a strict ‘oil-free’ beauty regimen. Using oil-free products can actually throw your skin into overdrive and produce more oil, thus making your complexion oily. Natural oils can help balance out the skin’s PH levels. Jojoba can actually help calm down the skin’s sebum production. We were surprised as well!


3.Holding onto makeup for years. Makeup has an expiration date, believe it or not. When your makeup takes on a rancid smell, it’s time to bid farewell and toss it. Using rancid makeup can actually cause breakouts. Some makeup artists suggest storing your liquid foundation and face serums/moisturizers in the refrigerator to make them lost longer.


4. Splitting your split ends is an absolute no-no. Your hair’s not going to get any better by you splitting it! Doing this will actually increase the damage in your hair, weakening it’s state. We suggest a trim to help curb the temptation to split those ends even further!


5. We’ve all been there-coming home from a long day of work or partying and not wanting to wash our faces. It’s not something to be proud about, but it happens. Going to sleep with your makeup still on can clog your pores and cause massive breakouts.


6. Cutting your cuticles is a big don’t. Cuticles are there to protect your skin, so cutting them can actually cause ingrown nails and infections. Instead of cutting pesky cuticles, gently file them down and rub some cuticle oil or butter on them to soften them.


7. A fun day at the beach can often lead to sunburned skin. First comes to be burn and then the scaly skin. As tempting as it is to peel your skin, don’t do it! Your skin is actually peeling because a new layer of skin is actually preparing to take it’s place underneath. Peeling can cause infection and scarring and skin discoloration. Let your sunburn do its thing.

8. Washing your hair on a daily basis. Granted, this doesn’t mean not showering daily, it just means shampooing your hair. You can still bathe, simply tie your hair in a bun/net to keep it from getting wet. While you might think that daily washing keeps your hair clean, it does the opposite. Your scalp produces more oil leaving your hair greasy and dull. In the end, your hair will benefit from skipping washes. Every other day is definitely the way.

Do you have a bad beauty habit?