Beauty Makeovers

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Five Minute Makeovers

We’d love to say that we have enough time in the morning to look our best, but the truth is, sometimes sleep is just more precious than primping in front of a mirror. That being said, here are four easy breezy looks that can take you from sleeping beauty to polished in under five minutes. Sometimes, the simplest tricks are the best. Here’s to getting more sleep and looking fabulous too!

The Gilded Glance: A clean, light sweep of gold eye shadow can make all the difference. Make your peepers stand out and your complexion glow with this beautiful hue. Why we love it: Gold eye shadow is buildable and looks great on all skin tones. Do like Elizabeth Olsen and sweep on a soft shade like this one. We’re in love.


Highlight Your Assets: If you’re rushing in the morning, it might be hard to go from A to Z in your makeup bag. In that case, a great highlighter can add a touch of ethereal glamour. Why we love it: Again, it looks great on all skin tones and will give your skin a natural glow and contour.


Come Hither Cat Eye: A single sweep of liquid eyeliner can take instantly open your eyes. A sleek cat eye is one a perfectly elegant look and can be achieved in 2 minutes. The trick is to find a waterproof version that won’t smear easily. Why we love it: It adds instant drama and doesn’t take a lot of fuss.


A Bold Pout: It’s true. When you add a bold color to your mouth, you instantly carry yourself differently and that’s something we’re not fighting. If something under $15 in a small tube can put a pep in your step, we’re all for it. That’s why we love the notion of gliding on a bold color in the morning-and only that. Why we love it: It takes 30 seconds to apply and can make a world of a difference.