Beauty Myths

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Beauty Myths

This week, we’re tackling two more beauty myths that have been eluding many of us for years. If you’re like most women, you may have been feed many a beauty facts from family, friends and fashion magazines. First up: the one undergarment that makes a world of a difference: the bra.


Is wearing a bra to bed harmful to your health?

According to research by Dr. Amber Guth of NYU, it goes one of two ways; either you wear a bra or you don’t. Either your breasts are supported for eight hours at night or they’re not. Gravity, pregnancy and breastfeeding are the three biggest factors in changes to your breasts.

Does tweezing hair make it thicker?

As women, there have always been a slew of warnings about our hair-whether it’s on our head or on our legs. What about the hair on our faces? Does tweezing actually make the hair on our faces come back thicker? According to trichologists, tweezing doesn’t change the actual texture of your hair. Hormones are actualy more at play with the change in thickness and texture of the hair that grows back.