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Teen Beauty

Girls, we know how tempting it can be to try every makeup trend on the market right now-but before you pack on the eye glitter, bright lipstick and mascara, we thought we’d let you know that sometimes, less is more.

Definite Do
We love Savannah Lathem’s natural looking overall flush and Keke Palmer’s light rosy lips and perfectly sunkissed complexion.


Don’t overdo the eyeliner-this will result in raccoon eyes like Taylor Momsen. Leighton Meester over powering red lips, pale and chalky foundation and purple eyeshadow left her looking anything but chic.


1. Skip The Foundation: Avoid the all too familiar and notorious ‘cake face’ by skipping on the foundation-especially if you have acne or acne prone skin. Remember that as a teenager, your body is undergoing lots of changes, your hormones are changing and your skin may break out as a result. Let your natural skin and beauty shine through.

2. Pat, don’t rub concealer: If you opt for some sort of coverage, concealer may be the answer. When applying, gently pat it in. This allows for equal coverage and protects your skin from irritation.

3. Less is more: This is too true, ladies. Instead of layering on the makeup, find one asset you love about yourself and bring it out with a colored lip stain or light blush, maybe a light coat of mascara.

4. Vaseline is a great, cheap find: It’s a great makeup remover and lip moisturizer. Wet a clean toothbrush and massage a dab of vaseline across lips to remove dry skin.

5. Don’t over pluck your brows: Let go of that eyebrow pencil and learn to love your natural lashes. Remember natural brows are so in because they are meant to naturally frame your face. Over plucking can throw your face off balance and look too harsh.

6. It’s ok not to dye your hair: Take it from us dolls, dying your hair won’t necessarily make you prettier. Learn to rock your natural color-apart from saving you time and money, your hair will also be healthier and stronger.

7. Test cosmetics before buying: If you can, ask for a sample of a product you want to buy. This is always to make sure what products you really want and don’t want.