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Beauty Secrets Under $10

When it comes to beauty secrets, you can always count on celebrities to promote the latest, greatest and quite pricey products. When we heard that these celebrities’ favorite beauty products were household items and were under $10, we were pleasantly surprised.

Sienna Miller uses ketchup on her hair to remove the green tinge from a dye job gone wrong. It also works to tone down overly brassy notes.


Emma Stone loves using grape seed oil as a facial moisturizer. She uses it at night and during the day to intensely moisturize her skin.


Instead of sunscreen to protect her skin, Shakira uses baby lotion. She says it’s made her skin super soft and youthful looking.


Kim Kardashian loves adding a tablespoon of sugar to her shower to gently exfoliate and polish her skin.


Evan Rachel Wood incorporates olive oil into her daily beauty regiment. She uses olive oil as eye makeup remover and leaves olive oil around her eyes at night to keep them protected.