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Beauty Brush

If you ever thought your toothbrush was solely for brushing your teeth-think again. That small bathroom staple can actually do more than just get your teeth white and clean. Here are seven reasons why you should keep a toothbrush in your makeup bag.


1. Get smooth lips with small and quick swipes of a toothbrush. This will make your lipstick look smoother and last longer. Apply vaseline, then use a wet toothbrush to gently slough off dead skin.

2. Toothbrushes are great for flyaways! Spritz hairspray onto the toothbrush and brush your hair into place!

3. Tame your brows with a toothbrush. Comb through with a brush, then add a little gel and apply with the brush.

4. Cute and colorful nail art: Splatter paint on your nails with your toothbrush.

5. Create volume: Add volume by teasing hair at the crown using a toothbrush from mid-strand to roots.

6. Lint: The lint in your brush and comb can be hard to clean. Reach for your toothbrush to wipe away hair and lint in hairbrushes, clippers and hair dryers.Voila!

7. Get your highlights back: Touch up your roots with the swipe of a toothbrush-this is super effective because the brushes are super small and get deep into your roots.