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Gorgeous On The Go

We know exactly how this one goes. In your head, you’ll wake up an extra half hour early to primp yourself-glamour achieved. In real life, you hit that snooze button so much, it might as well be a punching bag. Whether you have five or fifteen minutes before your departure, we know you never want to look like you rolled out of bed. Here are a couple super simple and quick trips to help you look polished in minutes; so snooze on, doll-we won’t judge you.

1. If you don’t have a chance to actually give yourself a full out manicure, paint on two coats of quick drying clear nail polish and give your nails a quick filing. This will make you appear polished.

2. For in between days, brush out your hair with a paddle brush, apply a light mist of dry shampoo and gather into a high ponytail or topknot. It’ll keep your hair out of your face and looks super chic and classy.

3. To have wider, brighter eyes, apply a quick coat of black mascara. Apply a coat of blue mascara on the fringe of your lashes to make them pop.

4. Keep your lips moisturized with a tinted lip balm-so you get moisturizer and a hint of color. We love Korres Lip Butter; it feels and looks amazing.

5. If you don’t have time to apply foundation, here’s a facial moisturizing spray that’ll give you an all day glow. Feel free to mist over and under makeup, or even sans makeup. Make a batch for you and your closest girlfriends.

Face Moisturizer Spray:

-a spray mist bottle

-3 oz. witch hazel

-3 oz. aloe vera

-4 oz. rose water

Add all the items together and lightly shake. Voila!