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Beach Waves 101

If you love the look of undone and breezy summer hair-think beach waves. This style is effortless and works great in between washes. Remember, it’s okay to look undone-besides, it’s a perfect contrast with your polished wardrobe. If you have minutes to spare, then you have beach waves.

Begin the process by sectioning your hair into four different sections-(if you have a lot of hair, section it into 8).

Brush your hair upwards and wrap around into a coil and pin securely.

To make sure the coils stay, spray with a light mist of hairspray and tie on a head scarf to keep them secure.

(Leave this on for two or three hours-great for overnight as well). Delicately loosen and unravel the pins each section and shake out your hair.

This will result in natural looking waves that you can wear and enjoy all summer long.