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Let Your Hair Down

Remember what it felt like to wish your hair could instantly grow a couple of inches or so overnight? And though you grew to realize that human hair grows an estimated four to six inches a year, there are other ways to boast a healthy and voluminous head of hair:extensions. If you’re afraid of them not looking real or not blending well with your natural hair color and texture, take these tips into consideration and you’ll soon be on your way to rocking that long hair.


Always choose virgin hair: Virgin hair has never been processed in any way, so it’s naturally healthier. It also means that the actual cuticle of the hair runs one way, which means it’ll be smoother and shinier than hair that has been processed.

Think of the texture: Here’s where you have to be honest with yourself: what’s your natural hair type? What does it feel like when it’s dry? If you have naturally curly hair or wavy, stick with curly extensions because when and if you straighten your hair, it should match the texture of your natural hair. Remember, it’s all about seeming as natural as possible.

The color: Will you be drying your hair before or after your extensions are put in? Think of what color matches your color and realize that while extensions are dye-able, it’s best to treat them as little as possible so they last longer.

The type of extensions: Do you want extensions that you can occasionally remove? Would you rather have tracks sewn in? Think of how often you want to sport that long mane and choose whether clip ons, (which you can remove and add whenever you want) or tracks,(which are sewn on) are better for your lifestyle.