Behind the scenes: Nashlly and Willem Dafoe

Nashlly interviews Willem Dafoe in NYD Style!

The Winning Look

Congratulations to our Facebook fan winner Lauren, who picked the looking NYD look for Nashly to wear!  
the winning look
Lauren wrote:
“I wanted to go for something that would shine on camera, yet not be too over the top. Hope you like it Nashly!”

The dress: Scala 47287
The shoes: Allure SHIMMER
The earrings: Jason J404
The bracelet: Jason J1200

Getting Ready at NYD!

Behind the Scenes:  
behind the scenes photo
Nashlly and our stylist Jonah.

behind the scenes photo

behind the scenes photo
Work should be fun… and it is!

behind the scenes photo
The dress waiting on our Mannequin Lola.

behind the scenes photo
The final look!
The Interview!