Best and Worst Dressed From The Met Ball 2013

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Best and Worst Dressed From

The Met Ball 2013

The Met Ball is the fashion event of the season! Sure, there’s the Oscars, the

Grammys and Fashion Week, but the Met Ball is where celebrities go all out and

take amazing red carpet risks. This year was punk-themed so we were especially

excited to see how certain celebs interpret the theme. Some went all out, some

went subtle and some even went a bit sci-fi. Overall, it was total fashion fun.

Here are our favorite (and least favorite) looks this year!

The Best

The best was difficult to rate, especially since unlike normal events, this

one had a theme. We debated all around the office and ultimately decided

that these are the celebs who nailed it!

The Worst

We’re believers in taking chances with your wardrobe, but these celebs missed

the mark in more ways than one. Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna went all out

punk couture, but something is a bit off with each of their looks. Definite points

for effort though! When it comes to Kim Kardashian and Kristen Stewart, it’s all

just horribly unflattering and while we love Beyonce, but even her Met look

bordered on tacky.

Although this landed in our worst, the more we stare at it, the more we kind of love it.