Blister Free

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Blister-Free Summer

Blister-free pumps When it comes to footwear, it seems that the cuter the shoe, the more tortuous and painful they are. We’ve all had a pair or two of shoes that only lend themselves to one or two hours of standing, let alone walking. Come on, who are we kidding; anything that can make our lives a little easier and help us avoid foot pain is very much appreciated. There’s nothing worse than debuting your newest pair of sandals, only to be limping from painful and unsightly blisters a few hours later. Instead of plastering your feet with strategically placed band-aids, prevent blisters before they happen (I mean clearly, we’re not going to stop wearing the sky high heels of our footwear dreams). Clear deodorant, rubbed on areas of the feet prone to blistering, will ensure that you’ll spend the summer band-aid free!

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