Blogger of the Week: Chriselle Lim

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Blogger of the Week: Chriselle Lim

The Chriselle Factor

Our blogger (and stylist) of the week is Chriselle Lim, who recently

collaborated with one of our favorite designers, Tadashi Shoji. Lim perfectly

embodies the elegance of Tadashi and enjoys the brand in her everyday life.

Just look how amazing she styled the dress above!

She recently created this video for Tadashi Shoji’s 30th anniversary.

Appropriately titled “Timeless and Glamorous Fashion with Mama Lim,” the video

goes behind-the-scenes of a Tadashi photo shoot between Lim and her mom.

Longtime fans of the brand, the duo couldn’t have been cuter or more elegant as

they try on dress after dress while Lim gives endearing commentary on how

special her mom is, how to wear certain styles and how Tadashi Shoji ties

into their lives.

She’s also the lovely face of Tadashi Shoji’s 30th Anniversary Collection. Glimpse

a few of our favorite images from their elegant lookbook.