Boho Bride

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This week’s wedding theme is Boho bride. We just love the look of free flowing silhouettes, hippie inspired hair and makeup for a Boho Bride. If you’re planning a Boho wedding, remember to incorporate earthy tones, soft pinks, lavenders and neutrals. A very popular trend in Boho weddings is wearing a floral crown in lieu of a traditional wedding veil. So go on and show your true Boho nature shine through in Theia 880679, ($1095) and Kathy Hilton H24060, ($595).


In this set
1. Theia 880679, ($1095)
2.Kathy Hilton H24060, ($595).
3.DST E77961, ($59)
4.DST E91932,($69)
5.Jen and Kim SWAN, ($150)
6.La Regale 21606, ($45)