Bridal Tips

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Bridal Don’ts

It’s easy to find a hundred tips on how to be the perfect bride-from what lip color you should wear to the type of undergarments to wear. While there’s no controlling the weather the day of your wedding, there are some things you should steer clear of as your wedding nears. Although small, these tiny details will make a big difference as your nuptials make their way around the corner.


1.Try to stay away from foods with berries or drink wine because it’ll stain your teeth.

2. Don’t tan. Keeping your natural skin color is best because you run the risk of looking unnatural and fixing an overly done tan is hard to do. If you do tan, make sure and do it a week or two before the wedding.

3. Don’t get a facial, brows waxed or hair cut two days before your wedding. You want to give yourself time in between these procedures and your wedding day in case of mishaps. It’s best to allow weeks; this way you give your skin time to heal if it becomes irritated.

4. Try to limit the intake of sodium at least a week before the wedding. Sodium actually contains 50 times its weight in water and if you avoid it the week before your wedding, you can actually lose two to five pounds.

5. If you normally don’t wear your hair up and will be wearing an updo for your wedding day, make sure to take a couple Advil to reduce swelling and avoid headaches.

6. Don’t wear your bra the night before your wedding and the morning of your wedding. This will help avoid any pink indentations in your skin-which will be visible especially if you’re wearing a strapless wedding dress.

7.Drink plenty of water! Drinking water will not only keep your skin healthy and glowing, but it’ll also help you flush out toxins-which is good to avoid getting sick.