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How To Choose Your Dress

So you’re engaged; after the champagne and handfuls of congratulations have worn off-reality sets in. Now what? You may have had your ideal of a perfect wedding dress,(or two) but before you hit the ground running, take note of a couple tips.

-What time of the year will your wedding be taking place?

-Where will your reception be taking place, (i.e. a ball gown dress might not be appropriate for an outdoor reception)

-Will you be wearing a store bought dress or a custom made dress? Perhaps you’ll even be wearing a vintage dress that needs some tailoring done to it. A custom made dress usually takes about four months from start to finish so it’s important that you give yourself enough time to make changes.

Set a budget: remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to have a beautiful dress. Do give yourself some wiggle room just in case you have to spend a little extra on tailoring, beading etc.


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Your Silhouette

-Above all else, you should always feel beautiful in your dress and part of that is due in part to the fit and style of wedding dress. -Stay true to yourself and what looks best on you. Perhaps there’s a part of your body you want to conceal or highlight. Work with your tailor to make this happen.

1)The Ball Gown: this style was originally introduced by Queen Victoria. This style works on women of average height and flatters fuller and hourglass figures.You can choose a heavy fabric which will give your dress body and weight or a lighter fabric for a weightless effect.

2) The A-line: this dress follows the shape of an A from the narrow part of the bodice to the outer edges of the skirt. This style is very flattering and elongating to different body shapes.

3.The Empire Waist: this dress featured a high waist and is usually cropped at the bust line. It is mostly flattering to women with a smaller chest-but not necessarily for a woman with a larger bust.

4. Mermaid Cut: This dress is fitted throughout the bodice and flares out at the knee or a little lower than the knee. This style is flattering to the hourglass figure and is equally flattering to a woman who wants more body

5.Sheath Dress: This dress is perfect if you are comfortable showing your curves. It fits close to the body-it is perfect for women who have narrow hips and are taller. Avoid this style of dress is you have wide hips and narrow shoulders.

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