Bridesmaid 101

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Bridesmaid 101

One of the biggest dilemmas in a wedding, aside from finding your perfect dress is finding the bridesmaids’ dresses. It’s stressful enough finding your own gown; how do you make the right decision for a handful of women? When it comes to bridesmaids, should you let them choose their own dresses or is there a way to reach a happy medium?

How about the LBD,(little black dress)as bridesmaid dresses? You can never go wrong in this timeless classic. Think of black bridesmaid dresses as blank canvases where your bridesmaids can really create their own look with fun accessories, (heels, jewelry, belt/scarves and makeup). Remember that you while you do want some sense of uniformity, it’s also important to give your bridesmaids a sense of self.

Mori Lee 20367, ($152) and Mori Lee 658, ($144)

What about a different color for each bride? Choose a couple colors that compliment your wedding theme and give your bridesmaids the option to choose a color. We love the idea of fresh color in chic and simple styles. Alred Sung is one of our favorite designer to do this with.

Alfred Sung 542, ($184) and Alfred Sung 534, ($184)

We also like the idea of keeping one half of your bridesmaids in one style/length of dress and the other half in a different style and length. This way, there’s still that sense of uniformity and variety. Find out which lengths and styles your bridesmaids are comfortable wearing and find a two happy mediums. Wtoo Bridesmaids is perfect for added variety!

Wtoo 394, ($198) and Wtoo 333, ($198)