Bridesmaid Gift Guide

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Bridesmaid Gift Guide

As a bride, your bridesmaids are an important part of your wedding. They

support you in the chaos and are there for you in times of crisis. The maid- 

of-honor even has the important duty of throwing your bachelorette party.

You definitely want to show your appreciation in some small way with a few

bridesmaid gifts. They can be given at your bachelorette party, the morning

of the big day or just whenever the time feels right. Your bridesmaids are

there because they want to be, but something small, yet thoughtful, goes a

long way. Here are a few suggestions we think would make perfect bridesmaid

gifts! You can keep it simple like the totes above or personalize the gift

by monogramming their name or initial.






Mini Mirrors




Beauty Supplies


Bridesmaids on DVD