Bridesmaid Makeup Trends

There are so many different looks to enhance a bridesmaid dress. You may have your bridesmaids wearing a simple, understated dress and want to keep the look classy and sophisticated. You want the makeup that your bridesmaids wear to reflect the look and feel of the dress. You’ll want the bridesmaids to look fresh-faced and classic without looking plain and boring, which can be achieved by letting the eyes become the focal point of the face. Perhaps wearing a smoky eye with a nude lip, or pairing light eye shadows and heavier mascara with a peachy lip will do the trick. In this case you want your bridesmaids to wear something that does not overpower the dress. Try out this makeup tutorial from MissChievous.
Or maybe your bridesmaids are wearing an understated dress and you want the makeup to reflect the exact opposite. You want the makeup to scream glam and high fashion. This can be achieved by doing a bold colored lip and sparkling eye shadow with high-powered mascara or false eye lashes. 
You can even do period makeup to fit the look of your wedding. Try old Hollywood makeup to match this dress from our collection, or you can pair a dress like this one with a 50’s face
Think about the location, time of day, and season of your wedding to help you pair the perfect bridesmaid dress and makeup together. 
If you are having a garden wedding think of a look that is earthy and fresh. Play with colors that compliment the dress. If the dress is gold, hues of green eye makeup would look fantastic with a neutral lip color.  
Time of day:
If you are having an evening wedding, you may want to opt for brighter and bolder looks for the bridesmaids; think shimmer, glitter, and smoky. Darker eyeliners and shadows will look amazing on your bridesmaids at night. 
Let’s say your wedding is in the winter. You may want your bridal party to reflect a holiday look of shimmer white eye shadows and eyeliners with a red lip color. Or let’s say wedding is in the spring. Maybe you’ll want to have your bridal party wearing a pink lip color to reflect the spring months with just the right amount of eye makeup. 
As long as the makeup fits the look of the bridesmaid dress and the feel of the wedding, you are free to explore the endless possibilities of looks to make your bridesmaids feel like a movie star and to make your wedding absolutely perfect. Here are a few makeup trends that are popular for 2011. See if any of these fit your wedding style.