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On The Move

What happens when two major players of the New York fashion industry decide to take a long needed sabbatical? A natural onslaught of questions and a sense of rebellion and freedom to do whatever they please. These two major players are none other than former editor in chief of Lucky magazine, Kim France and fashion director of Barneys, Amanda Brooks.

Amanda Brooks
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Brooks announced her decision to leave Barneys back in March and stated she’d be moving to England where she’ll live in the countryside. The reason behind her decision? Brooks said she began reading Ree Drummond’s blog, The Pioneer Woman. Drummond is a mother of four who lived on a cattle ranch outside of Oklahoma. Brooks, said she dropped weight during her traveling and couldn’t stand the long days. Brooks is jumping behind a computer desk and returned to her previous blog, ILoveYourStyle, and will write a second book reflecting on her 20 years in the fashion industry.

Kim France
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As for Kim France, who left her coveted position at Lucky Magazine in 2010, her new life is headache free and oh so good. The 48 year old has also taken to a blog she began in Christmas of last year, “Girls of a Certain Age,” which is geared towards other forty something year old women who have a bit of a rebellious edge in them. France, who still lives in New York said that she’s never been happier returning to writing. While the decision for both of these women with high profile jobs certainly created a backlash and a buzz, it seems as if they’ve found happiness on their own terms.