Catherine the Great: Kate Middleton’s Style

The royal wedding may be history but the fashion legend-in-the-making is just getting started. Kate Middleton has graduated from stylish upper middle class college coed into a sophisticated, jet-setting Duchess who is primed to become the next Queen of England. But even before she tied the knot with her prince, she was already making headlines for years for her fashion savvy—even sans stylist as a student. After all, she first caught her Prince’s eye while walking a runway show back in school (in lingerie, no less).
Kate Middleton Reiss dress
Image source: anmblog
Middleton has helped put some niche and not-extraordinarily-expensive designers on the map, notably Issa, the brainchild of Brazilian designer Daniella Helayel, whose form-fitting and modern draped dresses were high on Middleton’s list before she got the rock, then her dress of choice for the official engagement announcement, that much-coveted royal blue gown that matched her regal sapphire ring, still selling at a markup on eBay. This royal blue Mori Lee gown is perfect for your own royal wedding—bridesmaids and guests alike. This La Femme style is a more casual take on the look. While Issa frocks can be a bit pricey ranging from about $400 to $1200, Kate the Great does have an arsenal of the best designers as well as a vast budget at her disposal now (her wedding dress alone, on display now in London, is said to have cost about $400,000). Especially since royal fashion has long been associated with dowdy cuts and bizarre hats (still is, and Middleton has increased interested in small fascinators) except for the likes of Princess Diana, Kate’s clean-cut, body conscious style is a breath of fresh air.
So, aside from buying a replica sapphire engagement ring, how can your own style take a page from Middleton’s? Focus on simple lines in bold but flattering colors that highlight your figure in a way that is feminine and even sexy, but always classy. Middleton sticks to bold colors including blue and hot pink as well as neutrals such as the elegant cream dress from specialty chain Reiss that she wore for the official engagement photos. She sticks with moderately expensive investment pieces that she has been known to (gasp) wear more than once. The Duchess has also been seen to favor some plunging necklines that work with her trim figure. This Jovani gown in elegant black or white is definitely a Middleton-worthy style, featuring both a deep V plunging neckline as well as the draping and slim silhouette she is usually seen in.