Chandelier Earrings at Prom

Chandelier earrings can be the perfect finishing touch to your party dress. They brighten and compliment your face, pulling your whole look together. But finding the right pair of chandelier earrings can be a challenge. Because a little bit of dangling bling goes a long, long way.
Start by looking for a pair of chandelier earrings that doesn’t take the attention away from your dress but draws attention to your face. Pair chandelier earrings with a simple strapless gown. This combo works because the chandelier earrings aren’t competing with embellishments on the dress.  We like this pair in black for a sophisticated spin that’s sure to look dazzling! 
Another tip is to make sure your hair is either up, swept to the side, or pulled back. You want people to see those dazzling earrings. This pair of clip-ons is absolutely gorgeous, , and we think they’re a perfect match to this yellow and purple print strapless gown.
One-shoulder gowns also look amazing with chandelier earrings. A great trick is to play up the asymmetry of the gown. Pull your hair into a side up-do or ponytail on the strap side of the dress and wear a pair of dazzling earrings like these. The earrings will draw attention to your bare shoulder with a glamorous sparkle and shine.
The golden rule is whichever gown you choose be sure that the earrings do not clash with your dress. The goal is to add something to your look without looking overdone and weighed down by your choice of accessories.