Chip-Free Nails

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Chip-Free Nails

Ladies, we all know the routine. You find the most perfect hue of nail polish that promises to fortify your nails, make them grow longer in a week’s time and give you at least, 10 days of wear. The truth: we end up with more chips on our nails by the third day that we forget they were ever supposed to make our nails more resilient. It’s at this point that you either do a little touch up and hope for the best or carry on with your week rocking those chipped edges and varnish smears until you have time to start anew. Enough is enough! We recently stumbled upon a top coat that is supposed to be the end all of all our nail quandaries.

According to the New York Times’ blog, The Cut, Essie No Chips Ahead Chip Free Top Coat is the ultimate weapon against nail chipping. Quick Tip: When you’re getting a manicure or painting your own nails, make sure and add a quick layer to the tips of your nails, sort of like a French tip, because it’ll help your polish last longer. Also, make sure to always use separate top and base coats. Two-in-ones never work, although they promise miracles. It’ll only take you an extra two minutes to apply the top coat and it’ll make a world of a difference.

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Essie No Chips Ahead, $8