Club Dresses – Find Your Evening Style

Your club dresses should probably be the most fun articles of clothing you own.  What else lets you show off so much of your personal style and keeps you looking so sexy?  The perfect club dress should look fresh all night, be dance-floor ready, and flatter your figure.  And you’ll always want to be in good taste which means matching the style of dress to the atmosphere of the evening.

Uptown chic

If you’re favorite nightclubs veer more on the jazz and martini side of nightlife, a saucy little black dress is probably the right choice.   Black is instantly sophisticated and fits right into the energy and mood of late-night music sets, sultry dancing, and making eyes across the room.

Downtown flavor

If your typical evening out involves dancing until dawn amidst the steady beat of electro-dance music, then your club dress better accommodate.  Bright colors, short hemlines, and sequins keep heads turning in your direction, so you’ve got an audience for your always-on-beat groove.  Leave a little room to breathe in your dress and keep it going all night!

Exotic interludes

Your nightlife includes anything and everything out of the ordinary—art-house films, late-night tasting menus, and spontaneous acts of karaoke.  So you’ve got to step it up and find a unique look that can transition you through a night with so many unexpected possibilities.  Go for something new and enchanting, artful and fully embellished, and don’t be afraid to explore the wild side of color blending and prints. 

All roads lead to rock

A little bit of rock n’ roll has double the payback in loud, hip-swinging fun, and your rock-club dress needs to have the same kind of flirty edge.  Go all out for sparkle, studs, and embellishments, and look for those bold combinations—think baby-pink tulle and studs—that make for fabulous fashion contradictions.