Congrats to Theia Designer Don O’Neill

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Congrats to Theia Designer Don O’Neill


Theia designer, Don O’Neill, has some amazing things to celebrate! He recently

got engaged to his partner, Pascal Guillermie (owner of Fleur De Pascal), by

proposing in pretty much the most romantic way possible. They were in Miami

celebrating 20 years together (20 YEARS? Is he aging backwards?!) when O’Neill  

popped the question by having a plane fly over them with the words, “Pascal,

Je T’Aime! Will You Marry Me?” O’Neill described the emotional proposal to

Fashion Week Daily. “As he read the banner, I open the red leather ring box

and presented him with the ring. Then it all becomes slow motion, a blur of

emotion. Pascal said yes with tears streaming down both our faces, and

everyone on the beach around us erupted in cheers.” How romantic! They’re

planning to wed twice, once in New York and once in O’Neill’s home in Ireland.

Congratulations to them both!

The second thing to celebrate is an important Theia feature front page of

Women’s Wear Daily! What an exciting week for O’Neill!

  Are you blissfully engaged as well? Check out of a few of our favorite

Theia wedding dresses designed by O’Neill.