Dark Side

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Dark Fall

Alright kids, we’ve been scoping out the streets, reading the zines and our inner teen is excited for the changing of the seasons. This Fall, dark plums, navy and black are all grown up and we dig everything about it. Before you have visions of hoards of women parading around in black lipstick and spiked collars, breathe easy. The dark colors we’re fawning over are redefined, sophisticated and so classy, your mother might even approve of them. Think Siouxsie & the Banshees meets the runway.


In this photo: 1.Alisha Hill S1143, ($190), 2.Coloriffics HB446, ($35) 3.Allure RADIANT, ($60), 4. Saboroma 551814, ($484) 5.Jason R302, ($29) 6.Boutique Charlotte, ($189)