Designer Beauty Tips: Lela Rose

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Designer Beauty Tips

NewYorkDress designer, Lela Rose, has some very important beauty tips!

She recently confided to Fashionista,

“My mother always told me for youthful skin, drink lots of water (never

from plastic bottles) and to always take off your makeup before bed. I

always use Lancome eye make-up remover and make sure to stay hydrated.”

You heard the lady! It’s an easy recommendation and if our skin looks half

as good as hers, it will be a success.

Here are few more of her favorite items as told to Harper’s Bazaar.

“Ted Gibson’s Beautiful Hold Hairspray is my favorite as it’s light and doesn’t

look or feel like hairspray. And Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Curl

Lengthen Mascara is another favorite—I try to remember not to pump my

mascara as it lets in air and make it look dry and clumpy. I just twist it

around to keep the mascara moist. Also, I buy all my products from Truly, having one place that carries everything is what helps

me survive the party season!”

We don’t know about you, but our beauty list just got longer!