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Be Gone Mosquitoes

Ugh, one of our least favorite things about the summer in the city are the occasional and pesky mosquito bites. While we do know that sneaky mosquitoes love the moisture of our surrounding island, we also know that they can’t stand lavender. Pretty cool huh? So naturally, we’re here to advise you that you can help reduce the amount of bites with a little lavender. For your home: Buy a couple bunches of lavender and hang a couple upside down next to your curtains. It’s okay to let them dry, (aside from looking pretty) the oils in the lavender will naturally repel any mosquitoes. For your body: Buy a small bottle of 100% lavender oil at your local drugstore or organic supermarket. Next, fill an empty spritz bottle, (travel size or large, depending on your needs) fill it with cold water and drop about 15-40 drops depending oh how big your bottle is. Afterwards, shake it up a bit and your ready to spray it on your linens and bed and your body.
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