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Did You Know…

As women, we’ve all encountered it: the makeup samples at our favorite beauty store. For us, sometimes a little lunchtime visit to Sephora is in order. It’s hard to resist the urge to swipe on a plethora of lip stains, dip into pots of gloss, slide on eye color and dab on some concealer. We’ve also seem the occasional cosmetic rule breaker, foregoing the provided cotton swabs or lip brushes and swiping the sample of lipstick right onto her lips. The shock! The horror! The bacteria? An undercover study performed by Good Morning America found that ound that one out of every five, or 20 percent, of samples we tested from 10 stores across two states showed significant growth of mold, yeast or fecal matter. Now that’s definitely something to think about next time we even think about dabbing our fingers into anything and everything at the makeup counter. Your best bet: always use the provided makeup applicators. Also, if a product sample looks a bit dodgy, ask the person at the counter for a personal sample. Also keep in mind that most makeup stores have a ‘buy and try’ policy where you can purchase a product and return it for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

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