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Did You Know…

Take note, ladies. A recent study by Very.co.uk with 1,000 women in the U.K. between the ages of 18-25 about how often they think about fashion, revealed it’s approximately 91 times a day. At first, we found it hard to believe, but even as we sat and read this fact, we were thinking about the cute shoes we had just seen on a coworker, so we must admit, guilty as charged. Very.co.uk’s Style Director, Rebecca Elderfield said, “For many young women, fashion is so much more than a casual hobby or mild interest — it’s a way of life, and the results of the survey confirm that.” So we admit we’re speaking to a biased set, we know (you’re reading a fashion blog for a reason, right?), but it seems that 91 times a day is still an astronomically high amount, with fashion working its way into our consciousness once every 11 minutes and 23 seconds. What specific thoughts are capitalizing on our mind grapes? Dresses, it turns out. On average, women surveyed looked at fashion websites six times a day, 62% have gotten lost in their fashion thoughts at work, and 11% think about fashion more often than their friends, family, or work. Now, that’s something to think about.
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